Eco Outdoor Fireplace Green-It-Yourself Project

Editor’s Review:

For those who are handy and creative at heart, here is a small, easy and fun diy fire pit project for you.

Michelle Kaufmann, green architect shows how you can make an outdoor fireplace tower using inexpensive and readily available materials: rocks and a planter that you can pick up at your local landscaping and hardware stores.

You can get the ecofriendly, biodegradable cans of gel fuel at Amazon.

Video Transcript:

I have an eco-confession to make. I love a roar of a big outdoor fire. I know, I know, it’s not

All that smoke just adds to the air pollution. But you can actually make your own eco-friendly
fireplace, enjoy the warm and the beauty of an outdoor fire guilt free.

This is an easy green-it-yourself project to do. Instead of using wood we’re actually going to use
ecofuel. You can get these cans and they’re environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.

They’re similar to what you get with the really cool eco-fireplaces that are out there, but they
cost way less. These are only a few dollars for each can.

All you need in addition to this is a container. I’m using a metal box, but you could also use
ceramic. You could use a planter. You could use glass.

And then you just want to fill it with stones or you could use recycled tumbled glass. Whatever,
as long as it doesn’t burn. You put in three or four of these cans, fill the rest with stones or rocks
or whatever you’re using.

You want to make sure that you put them on top of the cans to hide them, but leaving the top
open so that way you can light it.

And then when you’re done filling it with the stones you’re ready to light it.

This project is best enjoyed with a good bottle of wine and even better friends gathered around it.

Thanks so much for watching this green-it-yourself project. I’m Michelle Kaufmann, helping
you to let the green in today and everyday.