How to Pack Camping Food

Editor’s Review:

In this video, a recreational kayaking instructor and outdoor adventurer shares some simple tips and ideas for organizing and packing camping food for your family backpacking and hiking trips: ziplock bags,tupperware,prepackaged items.This keeps the process simple and will help get you a bit more organized for meal preparation in the great outdoors with your fire pit.

Video Transcript:

When considering how to pack your food, you’ve spent a lot of time planning it, going to the grocery store and shopping for it.

You’ve got probably a mountain of product.

If you’re car-camping, really all you need to do is just get it organized. The best way to organize for a car-camping type trip is one of those Tupperwares. You just get a good sized Tupperware, put all your food inside, put the lid on it, put it in the car and away you go.

It’s pretty easy, it’s pretty simple.

What some people do is they’ll organize their meals and put them in small little bags. So, I’ll take all of the food that I’m going to have for meal number two and put that in a bag and label it. I go to my Tupperware, take out bag number two and there’s everything that I’m going to need for that bag.

Now, if you’re camping and you’re going to have to carry your food, one of the things that you’re going to have to do is you’re going to have to get rid of some of the packaging. Because this packaging, on a lot of these products, takes up a lot of space. So really, you just remove the packaging, take what you need, stick it in a zip lock bag.

By the way, zip lock bags are great in terms of organization, waterproofness and storage. So, you put all that in your zip lock bag and it’s nice and stored.

If you are going to take something like mac and cheese – out of its container, rip the instructions and put that into the zip lock bag with it and that way you know how to prepare it. Everything’s now nice and small, nice and easy, it’s ready to travel.

There are some meals that you can buy that are kind of prepackaged, easy to use. For example, this Indian meal. All I need to do is cook up some minute rice, drop this little package into boiling water and in about three minutes I’ve got myself a nice curried Indian meal over the fire.

Now if nobody’s watched me prepare this they’re going to think that I have spent hours and hours slaving. But that’s part of the mystique of a good camping meal.

So, spend some time doing your research, doing your shopping, organizing, knowing what you like to eat and how to prepare it.

If you’re cooking on an open fire that’s one thing, if you’re cooking on camp stove that’s another thing.

Make sure that you got your pots, you’ve got your utensils, everything’s all ready to roll.

Clean up is one of those other things that you want to consider when packing your food, making sure that you’ve got soap and ways to clean up after your meal.

Thanks very much and safe adventures.