How to Make S’mores

Editor’s Review:

National S’more Day is August 10. Celebrate by roasting s’mores with your children by the fire pit. Kids can be cooks too and do a great job as well. A simple recipe like s’mores is not only fun but you may also have a budding chef on your hands. Making s’mores for the campfire is one of the most popular kids’ recipes, an oldie but goodie. Have your children watch this video as their pal, this little seven year old Robert Redford look-a-like demonstrates how easy it is. Us adults may learn a thing or two about cooking over the backyard campfire!

Video Transcript:


Hello my name is Garrett and I am going to to teach you how to make smores!

First of all you need, so you know, marshmellows, graham crackers and chocolate.

Also you need a skewer so you don’t have to hold the marshmellow.

Now we are gonna roast it over the hot coals!

Make sure there is a grown up with you and keep on turning it.

The marshmellows are all toasted now and it is time to build a smore.

Now you put the the marshmellows between the graham cracker.

Now we are gonna eat it!



Is it good?


Uh Huh!


Look at me and say thank you!


Thank You! Bye Bye!