How to Cook Rotisserie Leg of Lamb on a Fire Pit

Editor’s Review:

In this video, our cook shares his recipe and tips. He invites us to see how he roasts a Provencal rotisserie leg of lamb on a wood burning fire pit. The preparation of the meat (he uses an herb basting brush as the meat roasts), cooking on the pit, to the final carving is demonstrated. His approach is quick and easy. For a beginner fire pit cook, this should be a snap.

Video Transcript:

Here’s my leg of lamb.

Now you can see I’ve made slits in the meat in multiple places down to the bone.

What I’m doing is I have a mixture here of chopped-up fresh herbs and pepper that I’m putting into each of those slits – a little bit, a little pinch in each – and pushing it down to fill up the cavity and rub the sides and then I have additional herbs and pepper on the outside which I’m rubbing on the surface of the meat.

Now I’m pouring some olive oil over the meat, being pretty generous.

And then I rub that into the surface of the meat.

Put it on all the surfaces.

Turn it over.

And do the same.

Now I’ve got a little over a half a cup of dry white wine.

I like to use a Sauvignon Blanc but really any dry white wine is fine.

You pour that all over your leg of lamb and you can turn it around in there to get all the surfaces soaked.

And then you’re going to leave this to marinate for at least a couple of hours or so and every 15 minutes or 30 minutes you can come back and turn this around in the wine and the olive oil mixture to let it really get soaked.

Here I’ve made the bouquet of fresh herbs.

There’s thyme, oregano and rosemary that I’ve fastened to a skewer that I’m going to use as a basting brush.

We’re getting the fire started here.

So here we’ve placed the leg of lamb on a spit here.

I’m basting with some olive oil here out of the herb brush.

Basting here with marinade leftovers – wine and olive oil and the herbs.