How To Cook Food On A Fire Pit

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In this excellent mouthwatering video, Jessica Prentice and Tim Robinson show us how to cook food on a portable backyard fire pit: pumpkin soup, steak, sourdough flatbread, are just some tasty foods they cook. Using a combination of charcoal briquettes, real wood and mesquite (hardwood charcoal), they get that fire going to start their cookout. Preparing the foods is also demonstrated. The resulting meals look pretty outstanding indeed.

They make cooking on a fire pit easier than you think. Make sure you watch this video to get started grilling and cooking on the right foot.

Video Transcript:

Craig: Ah yes, dogs and burgers, burgers and dogs. But when it comes to outdoor dining, they are the great American fallback, aren’t they. Or a fall in as it were. [phone ringing] Hold on. Hello?

Tim: Craig, you over there burning burgers again?

Craig: You can smell it over there, can’t you?

Tim: Yeah, I can smell it Craig, so you just sit tight because we have something a little bit different for you. Yeah, we have something a little bit different, something special for your backyard not the same-old same-old and we have Jessica Prentice here to tell us about something different and new, that you can do in your backyard.

Hi Jessica!

Jessica: Hi, how are you Tim?

Tim: Good and this sure looks different. What is this?

Jessica: Well, this is a fire pit and this is a great alternative to a grill in a backyard. It will accomplish everything that a grill will but it has a little more romanticism about it. You get to kind of sit around the fire and have some friends over, have a little romantic meal and create that old -fashioned feeling.

Tim: Okay, so we’re going to use the fire pit, a portable fire pit right here. What’s your menu?

Jessica: Well we wanted to do something a little different, so we’re going to do a piece of meat. We’re going to do a twice-cooked piece of meat on top of your chateaubriand.

Tim: Chateaubriand? Ooh.

Jessica: Yes, but to expand people’s possibilities a little, were going to make a soup.

Tim: Soup on the fire pit outside?

Jessica: Soup on the fire pit outside.

Tim: Told you it was different.

Jessica: Yes. Well, what’s soup without bread?

Tim: Okay, that sounds good.

Jessica: Yeah.

Tim: Bread on the fire pit again.

Jessica: Yeah, we’re going to do flatbread right on top of the fire pit and a nice cast iron pan.

Tim: And then a milkshake on the fire No I’m kidding. It sounds like you can do a lot with the fire pit.

Jessica: Very flexible.

Tim: It sounds like a great menu and it sounds to me like we need to go shopping for some pumpkins.

Jessica: Oh this look likes perfect pumpkins.

Tim: Now, we need the meat.

Jessica: Yeah, were going to get a chateaubriand.

Tim: Sound good, right there?

Jessica: Perfect that last one.

Tim: Very nice. Okay, shopping trip done. Time to cook now and you have a couple of things out here, the steak, the dry rub and the bread. What’ve we got here for this dry rub?

Jessica: Well, you want really strong flavour, so we’ve got rosemary, we’ve got cumin, we’ve got oregano, we’ve got red pepper and we’ve got black pepper.

Tim: Alright, and I should just put a little bit of each of this.

Narrator: Just rub and press the stuff on both sides of the steak. Put it in the zip lock for a few hours and that’s it. In the meantime, Jessica started her sourdough flatbread recipe. She’s got starter, flour and water and then a bit of cornmeal. After it’s mix that sits awhile too.

Tim: Okay, we have our sourdough bread rising. We have the meat marinating and we need to get the fire going. So you have a pile of stuff in here Jessica.

Jessica: Yeah, just to show that you can use all different kind of things in a fire pit. You can use charcoal the same way you would in a grill.

Tim: Briquettes.

Jessica: Briquettes. You can use real wood which gives you a little bit more of that old-fashioned feeling. Which I like.

Tim: Which you like that cave man thing.

Jessica: Exactly, I got the cave man thing going or you can use a hardwood charcoal such as mesquite which is what this is or combination.

Tim: Alright. Let me light this thing up. Alright.

Jessica: Okay.

Tim: Alright, so now that the flame is going. What we do have to do with the pumpkin?

Jessica: Well we just have to cut it up. We’re going to slick in a little olive oil; we’re going to put it on the fire.

Tim: Okay, Halloween time, I guess you need this or that?

Jessica: I’m going to try with this one.

Tim: Okay, I’m going to stand back.

Jessica: Yes, stand back.

Narrator: The pumpkin is actually a cooking pumpkin. It’s called a sugar pumpkin.

Tim: That seems particularly orange. I don’t know maybe one for carving, it’s just as orange but this seems oranger, more orange. This is oranger.

Jessica: Oranger? Is that a word?

Tim: I think it is. This is oranger, yeah.

Narrator: Just cut your orange pumpkin into big chunks. Rub with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and put them directly over the heat. Flame is okay because charring is good here. A portable fire pit is perfect for a variety of heat but you don’t have to go portable. Fire pits come built in too, a place for good cooking, good feeling and outdoor fun.

Tim: So, it is sort of like being camping and having a campfire out there and also being able to cook over it.

Jessica: Exactly. Exactly.

Tim: It’s wonderful.

Narrator: The pumpkin is taken anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour. You want them to get nice and tender. Nice and charred is good too. Meanwhile, we put a skillet on for the steak. It has to get hot, so when you put that chateaubriand in you’ll get that sound that says all systems go.

Tim: So, now that that’s on there. How long does that have to stay on?

Jessica: Well, we’re just going to sear it and have about five minutes on each side and let it go for five minutes on the side and then we’ll flip it five minutes on the other side. And then we’re going to pull it off, let it rest a little bit and then we’re going to put it back straight onto the grill.

Narrator: And by the way, letting the steak rest sets the juices and makes for more flavour and our bread is ready to go on now too with the lid on. It bakes right in the pan. Avery easy bread. A very versatile fire pit. All three dishes going at once. For the soup, we just scoop the pumpkin flash out and pop it in a stock pot. A little butter some chopped leeks, some bouquet garni (that’s just fresh herbs) and then our chicken stock. We check on the bread and decided to flip it to give a little crust on both sides. Then after the soup was done cooking, we pureed all the ingredients and Jessica added a little bit of half-and-half and that was that. Soups on, steaks done and bread is baked.

Tim: Okay this was fast. It’s way different, you know that because we did bread on a fire pit. We did soup on a fire pit and of course we did the meat. Jessica, great job.

Jessica: Thank you.

Tim: This is beautiful.

Jessica: Totally, it’s ambiance, it’s fun, it’s food, it’s fire, it’s fun.

Tim: We’ve got the fun, we’ve got everything.

Jessica: Yeah.

Tim: All right, here’s to the cave person in all of us. Yes, in your backyard.

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Grilled pumpkin, steak, soup and bread