Traditional Fire Method-Part 2

Editor’s Review:

This video is a continuation of part 1 of the video series.

Jack from 2 Brothers’ Adventures explains in detail in this video how to build a fire using the ‘traditional fire’ style of stacking firewood method. He builds the traditional arrangement of wood in a teepee style beside the ‘upside down’ fire so we can make a good comparison between the two styles.

Video Transcript:

Okay now we’re going to do part 2.

I’m going to build the traditional fire over here versus the upside down fire.

So the first thing I’m going to do is get my petroleum jelly Vaseline-soaked cotton ball out here.

It’s already fluffed up enough there from pulling it out.

Shave a couple of fat wood sticks.

Okay so like a traditional fire, it’s built with your tinder on the bottom.

Now I could go around and find some dried grass or some stuff like that but with this Vaseline cotton ball and this fatwood this is going to burn fine.

So it’s not going to be an issue of needing some smaller tinder. So just for the sake of time I’m going to just build it this way.

Okay so now I’ve got my base down. Going to process my bigger stuff.

Okay so we’ll go with a little bit bigger stuff.

Now there’s many types of traditional fires that you could make. I’m just going to make the traditional rough tepee style here.

Because this is pretty much the type that I usually use when I’m out like this. I just pretty much stick my stuff up around it.

Nice little knot there.

Okay, so there’s my six 2×4’s on each fire.

And we’ll get these lit here in a minute and we’ll see which one burns longer.

And like I say I’ve never built an upside down fire before but from everything I’ve seen and read it’s supposed to last longer.

So anyways we’ll get these going here in a minute and we’ll do a comparison burn time.

Roughly the same amount of wood. As close as I could get it.

That’s why I used the 2×4’s and not natural timber.

So we’ll test this out and see. If it works good maybe I’ll start using this type of fire.

Okay so we’ve got our upside down fire over here ready to go and we’ve got our traditional tepee style fire ready to go over here.

So in part three I’m going to light these and let them burn and we’ll see which one is more efficient with the same amount of wood.

Continued on Part 3

Video update:

The boys redo the fire styles but refining the arrangements so as to achieve longer burn times.