How to Have a Beach Bonfire Party

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A collage of equipment you should consider when throwing a bonfire beach party.


Beach parties are always a hit, and they never pall, no matter your age. Sultry summer days drifting away as you sit, ice clinking in your wine, sand between your toes as the sun sinks over the horizon and you breathe in the soul reviving panorama of a breeze ruffled bay is something to be savored. As are the sounds of kids laughing and splashing in the waves, and the crackle of driftwood as the beachfront bonfire is lit. Here is the ultimate how to guide to planning and throwing a beach party.

1. Permission and Permits

The most important aspect you will need to consider when drawing up your beach party blueprint plans is to find out what all the terms and conditions are when it comes to starting a fire and getting down to some serious some revelry on your beach of choice. Find out if it is allowed firstly, and secondly, if any permits are needed – there is nothing like destroying the party vibe by being kicked off a beach and getting a hefty fine.

2. The all-important Fire Pit

The perfect beach bonfire party is to have everybody seated around a huge fire. It is the main star of the show and provides a touch of romance, a lively ambience and keeps you warm as the night draws in. Depending on what the rules and regulations are, you may be able to bring  your own fire pit ring or if you really want to splash out why not buy a large portable fire pit to take with you. It makes sense to have your fire pit as your centerpiece, and if the conversation runs out…well it is not called cowboy TV for nothing.

3. Ambience

Don’t forget the decor. Bonfire parties at the beach are a great way to get all of your friends, families and loved ones together for an informal evening full of laughs, fun and great food. But once the sun goes down it will be very dark and you will need some extra lighting that will also set the perfect beach party theme mood. Pick up some lanterns, candles, torch or solar tiki lights and other lights that you can stick into the sand that will give good light.

4. The Weather

The weather can be a bit of a party pooper, so come prepared. If you are starting your bonfire beach party during the day, you will definitely need some beach umbrellas or a canopy/gazebo to provide shade from the heat of the sun or heaven forbid, rain. Keep them around for later; if the wind comes up, a gazebo with sides will be perfect for protecting your guests from sand whipping about all over the place. Beach blankets  or towels for a dip in the ocean and keep them warm as night cools.

Once the sun has gone down it can get chilly, so make sure, even if it has been a very hot day that your guests pack in something warm for later. Socks and shoes will be a good idea as they make their way back to their cars in the dark they won’t really be able to see where they are walking. A warm jacket and blankets for the kids are a must as well.

5. Furniture

Make sure you have something for your guests to sit on, big beach cushions or easy to carry fold up chairs with straps, – and make sure there is enough for everyone. Put it all on a water resistant beach blanket.

Get a low folding picnic table for the food. You can even use a surfboard if surfing is an activity.

6. Food and Utensils

A must of planning a bonfire beach party is food. You will need to decide what the menu is, and with a big crowd it is often a good idea to get everybody to bring something and make a mixed grill or rice pot or even paella – ensuring that there will be more than enough for everyone as well as hungry kids and teens who want second helpings. Seafood and fish cooks quickly on an open fire, so you won’t have starving or inebriated guests waiting desperately to eat. Of course, you could always just go for the classic campfire treat – s’mores. Everyone knows the recipe for s’mores and everyone loves them.

A short list of some food items could include:

  • graham crackers
  • chocolate
  • marshmallows
  • shish kebabs
  • fish
  • chile
  • hot dogs
  • hamburgers
  • shish kebabs
  • corn on the cob
  • hot chocolate
  • canned pop

Remember to bring your fire pit cooking tools and colorful throwaway or non breakable dinnerware.

7. Activities

Get your friends to bring their guitars, harmonicas and bongo drums well as campfire songs for a little beach front jam later.

Keep your friends occupied with a few beach favorites: Volleyball, touch football and frisbee. Try hula hooping, kids will love it.

Headlamps are great for the kids, and for adult activities, but at least while the kids are running around in the dark you will be able to see them.

There is nothing worse than swatting sandflies while you are trying to enjoy your time at the beach so don’t forget the bug spray – a must for everyone and just have a ball.

8. The Clean Up

Bonfire parties at the beach are a huge amount of fun, but if you are not careful you can leave amount a huge amount of mess as well. Make sure that you have bins and waste paper bags for everyone to use and make it a hard and fast rule that everyone – especially kids – use them. Cover up the fire after you have put it out with sea water, and make sure that you don’t leave any hot coals from the fire that some unsuspecting dog walker tramples on the next morning while they enjoy their turn on the beach.

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