How to Grill Fruits on a Fire Pit

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For decades it seems as though the only food the average person considered worthy of cooking over an open fire was meat or the occasional marshmallow. However, if you were to unearth some of earliest man’s fire pits, grilling fruits was a very common practice. If Neolithic man could figure out how to prepare grilled fruit on an open fire, doing so today with a fire pit can’t be too hard can it?

Prepare Your Fire Pit

The first step in learning how to grill fruits on a fire pit involves preparing your fire pit. You should not plan to cook over a roaring fire as all this will do is burn the outside of the fruits and leave the centers raw. You also need a grill rack to do the job right.  Make sure it has been cleaned before you use it to remove the remains of previous meals. Then lightly coat the grill rack with your choice of cooking oils. You can either brush the oil on or use a spray. What you use is not as important as ensuring you fully coat the rack to prevent the fruit from sticking.

Choosing Your Fruits for Grilling

There are many varieties of fruit which are the perfect choice for grilling. Your choices can be based as much on your personal tastes as which ones work best for grilling.

Among the most popular choices are:


  • This is just a small sample of the fruits you can choose from, in the end you can grill most fruits and an even wider range of vegetables. Make sure those you choose are ripe but still firm as this will help to ensure they hold their shape as you cook them.

Choose a Method of Grilling

Most fruits can be sliced or halved and cooked directly on the grill. Some such as apples, peaches, and mangos cook better unpeeled. Others such as pineapple and bananas do better once they have had their skins removed.

Spit Roasting

This is best described as the art of making fruit kabobs. Choose firm fruit varieties such as pineapple, apple, peaches, and apricots. Cut each of the fruits into one or two inch square chunks. Slide the chunks on a wooden or metal skewer in any particular order and brush them with a coating of vegetable oil.  You can season the oil with sugar or cinnamon and you can use butter instead of oil.

When cooking in this manner, you need to keep your fire pit kabobs out of the flames and be aware that oil and butter are both flammable and can cause flare ups. You should only cook the fruits until they have a charred exterior and the centers are warm.

Grill Top Cooking

This is the best way to grill all of the softer fruits that would not hold up to being skewered. Again you need to coat the grill rack with some form of oil or butter. Prepare the fruits by cutting them in half. This will expose the biggest area of each fruit to the most smoke and heat. Cook until the surface facing the flames has a nice char to it and the centers are warm. If you overcook fruit it will become dry and lose its flavor.

Grilled Fruit Recipes for Toppings

There are thousands of different recipes for grilled fruit. Many of the most popular recipes start with choosing the right fruits (just use your favorites). You can then use a number of different sauces and seasonings to add more flavor to your dishes. Here are a few suggestions for toppings to help spice up your meal the next time you are ready for dessert:

  • Brush with melted butter and then sprinkle liberally with cinnamon.
  • Brush with honey, coconut milk, fruit liqueurs, simple syrup, maple syrup, or even fruit juice.
  • Coat in brandy, port wine, molasses, or corn syrup.
  • Stuff fruits with ingredients such as nuts, candied citrus peel, shredded coconut, cream cheese, or brown sugar and butter.

Create a sweet and savory dish by using a barbecue rub, wrapping with bacon, prosciutto ham, or pancetta. You can lightly dust with chili powder, fill with cheese, and any other savory filling you like. Learning how to grill fruits on fire pit is relatively simple, and will provide you and your family with unlimited possibilities for deserts and treats.

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