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Are you an Architect, Landscape Designer, Event Planner, Camper, RVer, Tailgater, Cook or Homeowner? We are looking for interesting projects and posts to feature.  Share your personal experiences and practical tips with a fire pit or campfire. (NOTE: Your website must be in the home and garden, architecture, landscaping and outdoor living and related categories.)

  •  Exclusivity: Original content not published elsewhere including your own blog or to be published elsewhere after, this is to prevent penalties for duplicate content.
  •  Minimum 600 words long
  •  Short paragraphs with bulletted text and sub headlines.
  •  Use bold and italics for emphasis, not underlining.
  •  Free of spelling and grammatical errors and no slang language.
  • Tone should be friendly and professional. But no need to be uptight either, share an amusing story….
  • 2 text links maximum related to the post 1 of which is your web name. One link to be in your bio.
  • No duplicate links, each link must go to a different page.
  • No affiliate links permitted.
  • No text links that compete with this website will be allowed.
  • Include a short bio 2 -3 sentence bio maximum.
  • Minimum 1 photo – Image must have photographer credit and source. Maximum width of 400 PX.
  • Videos are permitted in the body of the article.
  • We reserve the right to edit. We may change the title, shorten a paragraph etc.

Theme Categories:

  • Landscape Design Ideas – architects and designers share your fire pit projects!
  • Party Ideas – Fires light up a party. Did you have a party in your backyard, by the beach or tailgating at your favorite football game?
  • Outdoor Cooking – cooks feel free to show off your creative recipes and techniques on the pit.
  • DIY projects – did you build your own fire pit? Share your creativity and  how to’s.
  • Other – feel free to forward your suggestions as well!

NOTE: We are NOT looking for generic fire pit articles.

Please submit your project here or the article for review at info(at)familyfirepit(dot)com, with “Guest Post” in the subject line. Submit in .doc format. Attach photos separately.

We appreciate the time that these posts take to write and we will respond promptly to accepted submissions. If your article is accepted, you will be notified within three days. Past that, please feel free to repost it elsewhere.