Weber Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace Review – Make Camping Even Easier

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Weber 2726 Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Some of the reasons we love camping include the easy pace, being outdoors and a connection with the simple life. And no camping trip is complete without evenings by the fire, gazing at the dancing flames and listening to the crackle of logs. How can you ensure a top quality fire at any campsite? By bringing along the Weber Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace, of course.

This top quality portable camping fire pit makes your trip even easier with a simple set up, dependable operation and a durable construction. Who would have thought that going on a camping trip could be even better?

Features of the Weber 2726 Outdoor Fireplace

This fireplace is perfect for the patio or the campsite and comes with a casual and dependable design that appeals to everyone. The features are appealing as well, including:

  • Made from heavy-gauge steel
  • Four strong and sturdy steel legs in a contemporary design
  • Rust resistant aluminum heat shield
  • Round shape makes it easy for everyone gather around and view the flames
  • Durable porcelain enamel coated (versus painted) bowl and lid
  • Strong wooden handles for easy portability
  • Base has a 29 1/2″ diameter for full-scale campfires

Nothing Fancy Fun

This outside fireplace is simple in design and sturdy in construction, staying true to the traditional Weber style. That means you shouldn’t expect anything fancy, just a good quality, durable unit that’s straightforward to use. But that is exactly what we want when we’re camping.

You could simply build a fire in the pit provided by the campground (assuming you’re pitching your tent in an organized campground and not out in the bush or on the river), but why bother when this unit is available? You can set it up in only a few minutes and look forward to cleaner, better burning fires without the hassle of digging out the existing firepit, getting rid of the ash build up or even building a pit yourself.  The glossy black finish on this model is very appealing, making you look like a classy camper!

Leave yourself more fun for other campfire activities and take along this portable campfire fire pit. You’ll never regret it.

Perfect for Portability

Weber has designed this model to take along anywhere. The wooden handles are comfortable and make lifting and setting up this model much easier. It’s only 38 pounds, meaning not a lot of added weight in your trunk. It’s also certainly light enough for a one-person set up.

The porcelain-enamel design is ideal for corrosion resistance as well. It has been baked on at 1500 degrees which fuses the coating to the steel. This prevents bun-off and rust through for many years.  No more hiding the fire pit under a rain flap (which is a dangerous idea anyway), this construction can handle any weather you want to throw at it. Many of the portable fire pits on the market are built from steel that is painted that will only rust out within the first season (however this can be remedied with high heat paint). The Weber fireplace is made to last much longer and provide many more nights of comfortable campfires without any hassles.

The lid itself is a big selling feature, as other reviewers have noted. Besides the fact that you can snuff out the flames at the end of the evening, the lid keeps a lot of rain and moisture out of the pit, making for easier ignition next time. The design leaves plenty of room for large pieces of wood and hence a large fire, and excellent views, but also includes the added benefit of a porcelain-coated lid.

What Reviewers Are Saying About the Weber 2726 Wood Burning Fire Pit

A classic camping gear brand, Weber has delivered beyond expectations with this fire pit. It consistently receives 4 and 5 star ratings and any issues with the fireplace are most often concerned with the type of wood burned or the location of the fireplace (it’s best placed on stone or brick, as opposed to wood or composite decking).

Some of the comments include:


  • “…bought this model twenty years ago.. we are using it today.”
  • “…My 31 year old firepit…It is still going strong!
  • “Well built, long lasting…”
  • “Extremely durable…”
  • “Awesome all the way around!”
  • “..nice dry fire even in a drizzle…”
  • “…meets my needs very well”
  • “Very easy to set up…”
  • “Great fire pit for the price.”


  • None really but  a couple comments “..smokey..”- the problem here is with the user not the fireplace! Remember always to burn seasoned and not green wood for a smokeless burn!!

A Word From the Editor

This is a nice find to say the least: oneof the best outdooor fireplaces we have seen. Overall we highly recommend this model as of this date as it has no reviews less than 4 stars and as you can see it will last a very, very, very long time!

Warranty Information

The Weber wood burning outdoor fire pit comes with the brand’s trademark “NO-Ifs-Ands-Or-Buts-About-It” warranty. This limited warranty covers the unit for 2 years and is backed by the customer service of this well known grill equipment brand.   The warranty extends to 5 years on the aluminum casting and thermal plastic parts not including fading. There is a 2 year warranty on the painting excluding fading and discoloration. Other partrs are covered for 2 years.

Video of the Weber 2726 Outside Patio Fireplace in Action

Where To Buy The Weber 2726 Outdoor Fireplace

Amazon is a smart place to shop and an excellent place to find the Weber fireplace. With a rock bottom price and free shipping, your collection of camping gear will be complete in no time with this must have campfire fire pit. Far beyond anything you’ll pick up at the local big box stores, the Weber Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace is ideal for use all summer long.

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