Coleman Pack-Away Portable Fireplace Grill Review – Compact and Convenient For Camping

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Coleman Pack-Away Portable Fireplace Grill

Coleman Pack-Away Portable Fireplace Grill

Even casual campers know that the equipment often makes the trip. If your tent leaks, a fishing rod breaks or the dishpan cracks the entire trip can be colored. So campers go to great lengths looking for products that will stand up to the rigors of both the travel there and the camping itself. The Coleman Pack-Away Portable Fireplace Grill gets top marks for being highly functional on the road and at the campsite.

Features of the Coleman Pack-Away Portable Camping Fire Pit

With impressive features that are designed for durability and efficient operation, this bring-along wood burning fireplace is ahead of the competition. Count on it for hours and hours of warmth at the campground or in the backyard. This item boasts things like:

  • A 22-inch stainless steel bowl for strength and the ultimate in easy care
  • Steel grate for cooking your favorite camping meals and snacks
  • Lifting tool to get that grill in the right position safely and simply
  • Beautiful steel mesh screen with decorative leaf decals to protect from flying sparks
  • Fire pit stand is easily collapsed and stores directly in the bowl for convenience while transporting
  • Everything (including some newspaper and light kindling) can be stored and transported in the handy carrying bag that’s included
  • Simple assembly and set up
  • One Year Warranty

Good Looks

The Coleman camping fire pit has great looks on its side. With attractive leaf decals included on the steel mesh screen you won’t be disappointed in the appearance of this model. You get to see leaves on fire without them actually burning! Granted, the finish and design are simple, but you aren’t likely to be buying this model for a fashion statement.

Much like other camping equipment used, the function of this unit is much more important than the looks – although you won’t be disappointed in the way it looks.

Built Tough For Years of Use

Coleman opted for stainless steel because of the strength this material delivers. The 22” diameter firebowl can be used for fire after fire with no staining, marring or marks of any kind. It is easily cleaned (after being cooled off) and will completely resist corrosion – meaning the rain you always seem to experience while camping won’t be an issue.

The stand is also made of durable steel (although admittedly not stainless) and the collapsing mechanism is simple enough to never cause a problem. We’re pretty certain that the paint on the mesh screen will have trouble holding up (as some reviewers have claimed), but suggest either a quick touchup with heat resistant spray paint every once in awhile or simply leaving it as is. The screen may discolor, but you can be content with the attractive view of the stainless steel and the solid dependability the stand offers.

Ultra Convenient

Perhaps the best thing we discovered about this Coleman portable camping fire pit is the convenience of both the use on site and the ability to travel well. It’s not very often that you’ll find a product capturing big scores on both of those accounts.

After assembling it in record time – with no tools needed – you can enjoy hours of a wood fire, cook up food that everyone will love and bask in the warmth of a robust coal bed. This outdoor fire pit is perfect for easy use all the way through your trip, whether that’s over the weekend or for the whole summer.

Then, when time comes to move along, just let the unit cool off. Dispose of the coals properly (as directed by the campground) and give the bowl a quick wipe down. Hopefully you kept the plastic bag that the grill came in, because it’s very handy to wrap up even the messiest grills for the trip home.

Along with the grill (properly wrapped) you can stuff a small amount of kindling or paper, as well as the grill lifting tool and any other small fire tending tools you need: gloves and a hatchet for wood, into the super convenient carry along bag. This keeps the whole arrangement neat and tidy and allows for the easiest transport from point to point. We’re so sure that you will love it – you’ll soon be wishing every piece of camping equipment was packed in the same way.

Make it easy to have a campfire on any site with this model. It’s an ideal size for just admiring the flames and will cook up your food well with only a little bit of patience.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying About the Coleman Pack-Away Portable Fireplace

We’re not the only ones who loved these portable fire pits for camping. They’re wonderful to use and extremely handy to travel with. Here’s what some of the other reviewers had to say:


    • “Nicely made… and works perfectly!”
    • “…a huge hit with family, friends, and even some strangers…”
    • “…well thought out…”
    • “…a nice pick for packing away…”
    • “The pack-away works great!”


  • Very minor: Discoloration to a dull grey on the screen was mentioned but at night this will not be apparent. As this is not powder coated as a more expensive unit would be, touch up with inexpensive high heat paint to bring it back to the original finish if it bothers you.

Where To Buy the Coleman Pack-Away Portable Fireplace

Amazon offers a decent discount on this outdoor steel fire bowl, with fast shipping that is guaranteed to get this to you before your next trip. Solid customer service backed by a dependable one year manufacturer’s warranty means that this is a purchase you can rest easy making. The Coleman Pack-Away Portable Fireplace is a must have for this camping season and is sure to make your vacations even more relaxing.

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