Arctic Cast Iron Stack Style Chiminea

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Are you looking to dress up your patio or your porch? If so then perhaps you should consider purchasing yourself a piece of outdoor furniture that is as functional as it is beautiful. A chiminea is a gorgeous addition to anyone’s outdoor decorative scheme. Not only does it give you the benefit of warmth on a cool evening outside it also offers light and mood as well. This can be great for wooing the one you love or just enjoying an evening under the stars with the family.

The Arctic Cast Iron Stack Style Chiminea is an excellent product that is both useful and beautiful. Modeled in the traditional Mexican style this chiminea will outlast those made of simple terra cotta. When they first originated hundreds of years ago these were developed as a way to warm the family and to use for both baking and cooking. The design of the chiminea was meant to help keep water off of the fire and to work using only a few simple sticks.

Arctic Cast Iron Stack Style Chimenea

Arctic Cast Iron Stack Style Chimenea

The company bringing you this modern take on a traditional piece such as this is one that is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Arctic has made it their goal to bring comfort and enjoyment to the outdoors. As such their products are kept both high quality and affordable as well. As this product does not provide direct light you end up with a gorgeous ambiance in the air that will leave everyone relaxed.

Old World Charm

This cast iron stack style chiminea is extremely rugged. It can hold up to repeated uses without a problem. It has been molded from cast iron including the log grate itself. The three leg design gives the chiminea a very classic look. While this fire burning beauty make look old fashioned it has several modern benefits as well. A chrome plated cooking grid has been included for using it as a grill.

There is a wooden gripped hook handle for the cooking grid as well as the safety screen door. This cuts down on the chances of an accidental burn. The chiminea comes with a vent door, a damper, and a safety screen door. It also has a rain guard and a spark arrestor. The great thing about it is that you can burn charcoal, wood, or even pressed wood!

The care and upkeep on this wood burning beauty is almost amazing. Just make sure that you empty the cooled ashes on a regular basis. Also make sure that the rain guard is in place when not using it. This will keep water out of the interior and cut down on the chance of damage to the piece.

  • 72″ H x 21″ W x 21″ D
  • Weight: 97 lbs

When you purchase Arctic Cast Iron Stack Style Chiminea you will have bought yourself an excellent investment piece. You will be able to enjoy this piece of outdoor décor for many years to come. Click here and get great pricing and take advantage of the free shipping!

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