AK47 Zero Fireplace with Grill Review: Simple Art

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Simple is often very striking. And this can be especially true in outdoor accessories, where smooth lines and natural shapes can blend into the surroundings and help create a more relaxing atmosphere. Designed by a unique European company that embraces challenges and strives to bring people together, the AK47 Zero Fireplace with Grill is amazingly simple and absolutely striking.

Features of the AK47 Zero Round Fire Pit

AK47 Zero Fireplace With Grill

AK47 Zero Fireplace With Grill

If you’ve seen this outdoor fireplace once, you’ll remember it forever. The starkness of design makes it memorable – not to mention the name that may stir up memories of action movies and plastic guns. But just to refresh your memory, check out these features of this modern fireplace that makes standing out from the crowd seem easy:

  • Made from steel in a distinct and efficient circular design
  • Includes convenient storage for firewood underneath the top shelf
  • Includes a cover for safety and protection from the rain. It also transforms the round fire pit into an impromptu table
  • Finished in rust color
  • 57” diameter and 15.75” high
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Heavy weight makes it a permanent backyard fixture
  • Grill for BBQ

Contemporary Feel Without the Fuss

Modern design is all the rage – and for good reason. Ornate creations that give no thought to the environment or the social atmosphere are passe. Today’s consumers want something simple that will look fantastic with little maintenance and salve their green conscience.

Designed by Ivano Losa and Matteo Galbusera for the Italian company AK47, this company has an extensive line of indoor and outdoor accessories and furniture that adheres to this design philosophy. They are interested in bringing people together and the shape and feel of the Zero model achieves that. You can get a crowd around this contemporary firepit. And the flames are sure to dance your guests into a soothing state of calm.

Storage and Flexibility

Ak47 Zero Fireplace Log Storage

Ak47 Zero Fireplace Log Storage

You’ll love how easily the firewood logs fit under this model. Whether it’s a full load or just a weekend’s worth, this round fire pit has plenty of room. Stack up the logs and set them on the shelf, keeping them close at hand when the flames get lower.

Even if you are not using the fire pit, this garden accessory is attractive on its own. You can put the cover on and use this model as an outdoor table, with lots of room for drinks and appetizers. The crowds will still come around, even without the flames. And the storage capacity can be used for anything you need – from firewood to flower pots and everything in between.

Grill Accessory

AK47 Zero Fireplace Grill Accessory

AK47 Zero Fireplace Grill Accessory

You can also enjoy the steel grill accessory that turns this zero range contemporary fire pit into a BBQ grill. Make s’mores for the kids (or the kids at heart), whip up some grilled burgers and hot dogs for the team or do something fancier for a late evening date.

The insert fits snugly into the round nest in the center of this fireplace. Made from stainless steel, the grill is corrosion resistant and easy to keep clean. With a spray of cooking oil beforehand and a quick rub down after grilling, these accessories will last for years.

Sturdy and Strong

Steel construction makes this a durable unit. With simple steel plates attached to strong, hinged legs, the Zero round fire pit can take heavy weights and even the most extreme weather conditions.

Coming in at 182kgs (just over 400 lbs), this model is likely to stay in one place once set up. You can bring it along and set it up at the cottage, but don’t expect to move it too often – unless you have a handful of friends to help you out.

This fire pit’s size, weight and durability makes it not only perfect for residential use but commercial use as well,  just ideal to use for a hotel or luxury resort.

Assembly Instructions

AK47 Zero Fireplace Assembly

AK47 Zero Fireplace Assembly

Assembly of this unit is deemed to be “easy” by both the manufacturer and retailers. There are only a few components and all fit together with simple actions and sturdy hardware.

The first step is to attach the legs to the bottom ring. They should bolt on using standard tools. Choose a flat surface and set that ring onto the legs in preparation of the next step.

Then set the inner ring onto the bottom ring and attach. There are clips to secure the parts in place. The top ring is set onto the inner ring and attached, with the combustion chamber being set in place last. From there you can add the firewood and set up your pyramid or cover the combustion chamber to make a table.

What Are Reviewers Are Saying About the AK47 Zero Contemporary Fire Pit

It was difficult to find other reviews about this unit, likely because of the price. This is not a small investment – even with generous discounts from online retailers you are looking at spending over $4,000. But if you want to create a stunning look on your patio, as well as setting up convenient storage for firewood and an easy to transform patio table, this is a perfect choice. Considering the construction and materials used, this outdoor investment is built to last. If contemporary is your style of choice don’t be scared off by the price. This unit might be worth it, assuming it rings all of our bells.

We did find some comments about this model on review blogs, which gave a taste of the first impressions. Here’s a sampling:

  • “Wonderful design!”
  • “…the perfect table for a… puzzle enthusiast like myself”
  • “Very nice!”
  • “Great idea…”

The only issues that we could see was that we would have liked to see a smaller model for smaller yards but otherwise its generous proportions will work well for larger gardens.

Where To Buy This Modern Fire Pit from AK47

This steel fire pit is great not only for a large backyard but a hotel. Assuming you have the budget for this above average backyard fireplace, there is really only once place to pick it up. Wayfair  has an impressive discount on this model (saving you nearly $900) and even offers free shipping. For contemporary design and the social ambiance you want the AK47 Zero Fireplace with Grill is an ideal choice. Get it today while the price is low and stock is up. Then get ready to impress your friends and family with the simple yet striking design.

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