The Blue Rooster Prairie Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace with Gas Kit & Cover Review – Simple and Modern

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The Blue Rooster Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace

The Blue Rooster Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace


Like so many other things, simple is sensational on the patio. When you’re relaxing in the backyard all you really want is to be comfortable and warm. Check out the durable and sleek design of the Blue Rooster Prairie Chiminea outdoor fireplace with gas kit and cover – the ultimate in no frills, fully functioning outdoor patio fireplaces.

You can’t help but be impressed by this model. The size and shape are classic and this popular unit by Blue Rooster is packed with features that make for the very best backyard bonfire experience.

Beautiful and Customizable

We had a hard time getting past the smooth form of this contemporary chiminea. It has a classic appearance, yet the heavy cast aluminum construction has a distinctly modern appeal. This chiminea fireplace comes only in a charcoal finish, suitable for all styles of decor.

Dancing Gas Flames

For the ultimate convenience, Blue Rooster also includes a gas conversion kit for this modern chiminea. Seven ceramic logs sit proudly in the wide belly of this model and either hook up to your liquid propane tank or can be tied directly into a natural gas line. What more could we ask for? It’s beautiful simply standing on your patio, but after easily igniting the gas you’ll have gorgeous dancing flames with zero effort.

Feel like chopping wood and enjoying a more traditional fire? The gas conversion can be removed as well to make room for a log fire, although we fell in love with the convenience and beauty of gas flames after the first use. It’s also highly economical, clean and environmentally friendly.

Features of the Blue Rooster Prairie Model

Blue Rooster brought out the Prairie model after loyal customers kept asking for a solid outdoor fireplace without all the bells and whistles of other models. The Prairie is a stunning and simple chiminea, but it does pack a ton of features inside. Look for:

  • Cover is included and comes in three different colors – forest green, royal blue and charcoal. Washable,waterproof and uv coated, it is compact and stores away easily. It retains its flexibility in sub zero temperatures.
  • A decorative rain lid to keep the rain out when notin use
  • Mouth has all of the benefits of a traditional design creating the ideal draft and a clean burn
  • Grilling insert made of cast iron for impromptu BBQ meals – the neck/chimney is also removable to make this even easier. Albeit small, a 9 ” grate is included that sits on top of the body once the stack is removed. (Note this is for the wood burning option)
  • Fire grate to hold up the wood (if applicable) made of durable cast iron
  • Mesh screen across the mouth for optimum safety with hinged door for ultimate convenience
  • Sparks are blocked in the neck with a built in arrestor
  • Adjustable heat from 20,000 to 30,000 btu’s
  • A 10 foot line for the natural gas line or liquid propane tank attachment. There are 2 jets included, one for the gas, the other for the propane.

Benefits of Cast Aluminum

Although original chimineas were made from clay, the cast aluminum construction of the Prairie model is hard to beat. Besides delivering that modern appeal that we love, this material is also completely rust resistant and creates a true low maintenance patio piece.

The walls are 3/4” thick at some points, a testament to the strength of this fireplace. Stainless steel bolts and mouth screen hardware is dependable and corrosion free and the three legged design ensures stability. Set up the chiminea on a stone surface for the safest fire – even a level patio stone will do. Where children are present and forthe  safest viewing, install in a corner or where there is a wind barrier.

Easy Set Up

There is some assembly required, although users have said it isn’t difficult to put together. At 54” tall and 24” in diameter, the Prairie model is quite large, but Blue Rooster included handles to cart around the 85lb. weight easier, allowing you to set it up quickly.


There is a one year limited product warranty against manufacturer defects excluding paint finish (note a can of paint is included but when you are out get high heat paint at any hardware store).

What Reviewers Are Saying About Blue Rooster

This manufacturer is a perennial favorite and has a huge loyal customer base. The best selling Prairie model outdoor fireplace is in direct response to that group and shows how much the company cares about their customers.

Some reviewers have this to say about Blue Rooster:

  • “Thanks again for your fast response and help!”
  • “You seem to be going all out for satisfied customers.”
  • “Thank you for the great product.”

The Final Word on the Blue Rooster Prairie Outdoor Fireplace

So whether you want a simple wood burning or gas outdoor fireplace or a durable backyard decor piece, the Prairie model cast aluminum chiminea is the one to buy. You will be joining the long list of satisfied Blue Rooster customers and be sure to love this unit as much as we did. From the sleek look and simple coloration, what is there not to love? And at Wayfair stores you can take advantage of generous discounts and free shipping. Be the envy of the neighbourhood with this contemporary style chiminea and look forward to years of use.


On a final note we found that modern chimineas are few and far between, so this would be good choice from the very few options out there for sale.

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