Urban Fire Outdoor Stainless Steel Gas Fire Column with Clear Fire Glass Review

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Urban FIre Outdoor Gas Fire Column Stainless Steel with Clear Fire Glass

Urban FIre Outdoor Gas Fire Column Stainless Steel with Clear Fire Glass

There is something incredibly special about a home decor piece that has multiple layers of enjoyment. When you can invest in an outdoor fireplace that provides warmth on those cool nights, a stunning display ideal for entertaining and a striking form even when standing unlit, your outdoor living space is much better equipped. The Urban Fire Outdoor Stainless Steel Gas Fire Column with Clear Fire Glass is an impressive piece of contemporary home decor that will leave your family and guests in awe.

Features of the Urban Fire Outdoor Contemporary Fire Column

We warn you – this patio fire pit doesn’t look like the others on the market. Finished in cool stainless steel and built in the style of the Coliseum, this is one backyard item that you are bound to love. Check out the incredible features:

  • Burns natural gas or liquid propane and is suitable for use on a wooden deck
  • 40,000 BTUs
  • Does not need a fire permit for use
  • Stainless steel fire column is resistant to corrosion
  • Stunning clear glass in the burner reflects the flames and is safe to touch with no sharp corners (interchangeable with colored glass options from the manufacturer)
  • Nearly 29″ high and just over 20″ wide and deep
  • Comes with steel lid that transforms the fire column into an impromptu patio table
  • Easy to install and uses simple electrical ignition

Contemporary Flair

The look and design of this stainless steel fire column is pure modern. Not only will it coordinate well with the shiny new grill and accessories in your outdoor kitchen, but the steel is also made to last and will provide years and years of understated and take-me-as-I-am contemporary style.

A hint of tradition peaks through in the form of this fire pit though. And that hint is enough to draw those who love an eclectic patio. With the column shape and fluted top, this outdoor fireplace looks similar to the Olympic flame. Grand and steeped in history, what other symbol inspires and brings the world together like the eternal flame of the Olympic games? This piece is like an echo of that great notion on your own patio. Some people have even purchased two and used them to flank an entrance or even four to define an outdoor room. It’s a stunning, matchless look that speaks to every taste.

Convenient Comfort

The modern appeal of this backyard accessory is not just in the appearance. Convenient and time saving features have also been included, allowing you to enjoy the best that today’s technology has to offer. The Urban Fire Stainless Steel Fire Column comes equipped for use with liquid propane, an affordable and easy to use fuel that many homeowners use for their BBQs. But if propane is not your fuel of choice and you would rather hook this fire column up to a natural gas line through your home, it is not only possible but also simple and straightforward.

Using the included conversion kit and the skills of a licensed gas fitter (unless your home is already equipped with an exterior gas connection, which makes the process even easier), the Urban Fire model can be set up to burn this economical and ultra-convenient fuel efficiently.

This model also comes equipped with electric ignition for simple starts, as well as electric flow control for customized flames. Watch the golden colors dance off of the clear glass tumbled around the burner – and then change that dance with the precise controls. The cover converts this gorgeous patio fireplace into a table in seconds, ideal for entertaining or an impromptu dinner in the yard. This model is both clever and practical, the epitome of modern design.

Strength in Stainless

Anyone involved in the outdoor industry will agree – you can’t do much better than stainless steel. Whether for fasteners, patio furniture, fixtures or accessories of any kind, the strength that stainless steel offers is unbeatable.

Corrosion resistant and strikingly attractive, this metal lends itself perfectly to the bold design of this modern fire column. You may wonder (as we did) why there aren’t many reviews for this model. Does that mean it is too innovative? Is it difficult to sell, set up or use? All signs would indicate that this particular Urban Fire model is durable and appealing, so why aren’t there glowing reviews to prove it?

More than likely the relative newness of this cutting edge product makes it difficult to find reviews. But for those consumers who want the latest thing, this outdoor fire pit column is ideal. Stunning and impressive, it will make an incredible focal point for your patio or deck.

And for those who prefer the recommended models, consider this – stainless steel has been around for ages and is proven to have extreme reliability and beauty. The sleek design makes this model simple to set up and all of the features mentioned above make it easy to use. Make your own review when you buy this model and fall in love with it, as we did. It’s stunning and built with a design that is dependable and daringly good looking. This piece is not only great for residences but for hotels, stainless is perfectly suited to commercial environments.

Warranty and Assembly Information

This fire pit comes with a one year warranty from UrbanFire. It comes mostly assembled right out of the box, but the clear glass will need to be installed or laid out around the burner. Follow all directions carefully and do not allow the glass pieces to cover the pilot assembly. It is recommended that you inspect the burner thoroughly before laying out the glass pieces. They are also safe to handle, with slightly rounded edges.

Where to Buy the Urban Fire Outdoor Gas Fire Column

This model is middle of the road in terms of cost. You’ll find many durable and modern outdoor fireplaces with a much higher price tag, making this unit seem like a bargain. But you’re also likely to run across some models that appear similar in styling for a lower price. Be sure those models are built with stainless steel and offer the features that this one does, because that combination is rare and well worth the cost of the Urban Fire model.

You are best to pick up the Urban Fire Outdoor Stainless Steel Gas Fire Column with Clear Fire Glass from Wayfair, where a reasonable price, fast shipping and efficient customer service can be counted on. Remember that you may want more than one (for that flanking look) and that your family is bound to be jealous (think Christmas and birthday gifts). This backyard piece is a surefire hit in any yard and bound to instantly impress all of your guests.


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