Unique Arts Solid Copper 30″ Fire Pit Review – A Green Option for the Backyard

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Home decor items that are environmentally friendly deliver many different benefits. Not only will they decorate your home and provide the function and form you need, but green products are also better for the planet and help us provide for the future. In all of our searching we found that one of the most eco friendly fire pits available is the Unique Arts solid copper 30” fire pit, a beautiful and functional backyard product that makes a great green choice.

Unique Arts has a vast collection of outdoor living items and this outdoor pit stands at the top with excellent design, beautiful styling and features that are ideal for any patio.

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Unique Arts Solid Copper 30" Fire Pit

Unique Arts Solid Copper 30" Fire Pit


Eco Friendly Materials

Unlike many other outdoor fire pits on the market that claim to be made from copper, this model is built using 100 percent recycled copper. The bowl is solid copper – not plated iron like many other manufacturers. By using recycled material, Unique Arts saves all of the waste that is produced from using virgin copper as well as finding new life for old copper products.

The pollution and emissions produced when new virgin copper is used in manufacturing is also avoided with this recycling process used by Unique Arts.

Benefits of Copper

We were drawn to this solid copper bowl for a few different reasons, including the attractive shiny finish that we know will age beautifully. Copper is also wonderful for heat conductivity and is a durable choice for outdoor use. This metal has been used in fasteners, roofing and building materials for centuries and weathers exceptionally well. Look forward to years of use with copper fire pits, especially this solid copper model.

Features of the Unique Arts Solid Copper Fire Pit

Besides being made from one of our favorite materials, this copper fire pit bowl has a host of other features that impress:

  • Smooth and shiny finish
  • Burn wood or charcoal for fuel
  • Large cooking grate for backyard feasts and smaller charcoal grate for optimum air flow
  • Decorative scrolled legs
  • Available optional spark screen

Plenty of Burn Space

At 30” in diameter, the size of this fire bowl is better than average. It sits 9” off the ground and has a slim lip for an appealing profile. What is impressive is that the manufacturer designs the piece with a depth that maximizes burn space. Lower emissions and more even heat are a result of a more compete burn and this model is designed as a cleaner burning outdoor fire bowl.

We have big plans to use this fire pit for cookouts and backyard parties. Using the fitted cooking grate that’s plated in chrome for a non-toxic and low maintenance finish you can create grilled masterpieces for any meal. Also included is a smaller sized grate in the same finish for charcoal, producing that smoky flavor folks love.

Easy To Clean In a Green Way

Outdoor copper fire pits are also simple to clean using common household items that are non-toxic and healthy. Not fans of cleaning ourselves, it’s a big plus to find products that are low maintenance and easy to clean with materials we usually have on hand.

Bring the copper back to its original shine with lemon juice, tomato juice or vinegar. Simply wipe the bowl down with a clean cloth, apply an acidic juice to another rag and wipe it down again, rubbing gently to the desired shine. If there is a build up of patina, you can usually tap or rub that away by hand. Don’t use a scrub brush or scouring pad or you may damage the copper finish.

The scrolled wrought iron base and optional spark screen can be easily wiped down as well and scrubbed with soap and water if stubborn stains are evident. We figure the spark screen is essential, as it allows you to get really close without worry. But since it’s not included in the original package you’ll need to order it separately.

What Reviewers Are Saying About Unique Arts and This Model

Unique Arts always has exceptional reviews and their products are in demand. The extra touches and durability that solid copper delivers make this particular model a favorite with reviewers. Comments like these sum up what consumers have to say about this manufacturer and this bestselling model:

  • “…well built”
  • “Handsome…”
  • “…good product”
  • “Easy to use…”
  • “…beautiful.”

Warranty Information

This product has a one year limited warranty which covers any defects in material quality and workmanship.

Where to Buy the Unique Arts Solid Copper 30” Fire Pit

The value and service delivered at Wayfair stores makes it the ideal choice to order this model from. Not only will you find a reasonable price, but free shipping, solid warranties and available, helpful staff are waiting for you at Wayfair. Handmade with 100 percent recycled copper and easily cleaned with safe household products, the Unique Arts solid copper 30” fire pit  bowl is a must have for those looking to have a greener home. Generous discounts and the incredible offers at Wayfair make this the ideal gift and a wonderful investment in family time and outdoor elegance.
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