Unique Arts Hammered Copper 30” Fire Pit Review – Artistic Flair With Dependable Strength

| January 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

A patio should be considered an outdoor room and include all of the comforts and appeal of interior living spaces. Gone are the days of utilitarian patio furniture and bare stone walls, today we include flair, beauty and personal style in our backyard. The Unique Arts hammered copper 30” fire pit bowl is the ideal focal point on your patio, providing warmth and artistic appeal in the yard.

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Unique Arts Copper Hammered 30 Fire Pit

Unique Arts Copper Hammered 30 Fire Pit

Basic Patio Design

With a distinct texture and classic design, this fire pit is a gorgeous center piece. We were mesmerized by the sparkle of the handmade copper bowl and immediately had wonderful plans for outdoor get togethers and private moments of peace. Surround this model with a set of deep, comfortable outdoor couches. Invite your friends over and serve drinks on the patio with a cozy wood fire burning in the fire pit. The sparkling copper and dancing flames are sure to set the mood.

We also thought it would be a fabulous idea to tuck this 30” diameter copper fire pit bowl into a private corner for a more romantic setting. Flanked by lounge chairs or in front of a comfy bench, the design of this Unique Arts fire pit provides just the right amount of flames for a tete a tete. A deeper bowl than most other fire pits also makes for a bright and blazing fire no matter how many logs you throw in.

Features of the Unique Arts Hammered Copper Fire Pit

An impressive appearance isn’t the only thing this model has going for it. With a huge selection of fire pits out there, here are a few things that set this Unique Arts model apart:

  • Made from 100% recycled copper
  • Handmade with care
  • Deeper bowl for better flames that last longer and look better
  • Non toxic black steel coated grate to raise up the charcoal to allow for airflow and  keep the fire burning longer
  • Powder-coated base stand for durability and style
  • Cover screen and poker are included to complete the set
  • 22lbs makes for easy portability

Artistic Flair With a Conscience

Not only does this fire pit present a beautiful face, it also has an eco conscious design. Made with 100 percent recycled copper, this outdoor fire pi

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