Uniflame 35″ Fire Bowl w/Foldable Legs

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Whenever you go camping, have a tailgate party, or are just hanging out in the backyard on a cool evening there is no denying how great a fire can feel on your skin. Not only does it feel good, it can add a good deal of illumination when you don’t have access to electric lights. In any case there is typically only one major problem when dealing with such fires. That is to say, how do you safely set one up and where?

The Uniflame Corporation has heard your needs. Its 35” black fire bowl w/foldable legs is the perfect companion to accompany you on those various functions requiring the need for a portable fire source. This fire bowl will fold up for convenient carrying both to and from your various gatherings. Its black coloring is a nice neutral black so it will blend in with its surroundings rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

Uniflame Black Fire Bowl with Foldable Legs

Uniflame Black Fire Bowl with Foldable Legs

The company has really come through on delivering exactly what the customer has been looking for. This Uniflame fire bowl is 35” around which means you will have a good deal of space for burn materials. It also comes standard with a spark guard. This is a nice piece you can definitely appreciate as it will keep the chances of accidental burns or fires down to a bare minimum. No more stray sparks jumping out unnoticed.

Flames On The Go

The biggest question you will have to face is just where do you want to take your new fire bowl? The answer to this dilemma may be easier to find that you think. You can take it most anywhere that you could imagine. Take the beach for example; you could spend a wonderful day out playing in the sand and waves. Later in the evening you could light up the fire bowl, kick back, and just take it easy enjoying the warmth on your skin after a long day of play.

How about taking it to the big football game? You could cook some Brats or hotdogs over the open flame. Sound like fun? The great thing about this fire bowl is that it can go almost everywhere with you. It is just about ideal for most all outdoor functions. Not only does its legs fold it also comes with its very own carrying case making it much easier to tote wherever you need it.

The bowl of this fire pit is ceramic coated which means that it will stay looking great for some time to come. All it will take is just a bit of upkeep such as cleaning the bowl out regularly.

  • Dimensions: 37″H x 37″W x 8.25″L

Choosing the Uniflame 35″ Black Fire Bowl w/Foldable Legs for your portable fire pit needs is a great choice to make. You will get a high quality product that will last for some time to come. The great thing is that you can get both an outstanding price and free shipping by clicking now!

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