Uniflame 24″ Black Fire Bowl with Foldable Legs is the Ultimate in Cozy Convenience

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The comfort of flames adds to the atmosphere no matter where you are. Imagine a product that could deliver that warmth during autumn nights on the patio, summer road trips and at the cottage any time of year. Completely convenient with an attractive and contemporary shape, the Uniflame 24” black fire bowl with foldable legs is for anyone who enjoys the beauty of flames.

Why do you need something portable? This unit delivers all of the strength and charm of more permanent fire pits, yet has features and accessories that allow for easy storage and portability. Having a safe, efficient place to set up your campfire is essential and the design of this Uniflame model allows for that situation in any location.

Uniflame 24" Black Fire Bowl with Foldable Legs

Stylish Design and Durable Construction

This model sports a round fire bowl with a generous 24” diameter that sits 17” tall. Assembly is quick and easy, with the wood grate and legs bolting straight onto the steel fire bowl. All hardware is nickel painted black for a streamlined appearance.

A full spark guard is set on top after the logs have been arranged and lit. This will protect you from jumping sparks, leaping flames and flying soot, so snuggle up close to the fire and enjoy yourself without worry. A small round handle on the top makes removal easy.

With the stability and strength of a three-legged design, this round Uniflame black fire bowl offers a decent sized fire in a charming steel bowl. This set up allows you the best view with the flames sitting up off the ground and radiating light and heat all around.

The legs themselves are arched and give this fire bowl a distinct modern appeal. Far from the portable barbecues and fire pits of the past, this unit will fit nicely in any setting from luxurious to rustic. Black steel construction sets off the orange of wood burning flames perfectly.

True Portability

Many fire pits claim to be portable, but how many are this easy to cart around? The Uniflame fire pit bowl comes with folding legs that transform this 17 inch high standing unit into a neat bundle that fits snugly into a handy carrying bag. The durable vinyl bag is perfect for taking the fire bowl along with you on your travels, but is also great for winter storage. Remove all of the logs and ashes before storing this unit in the carrying bag.

Not only will the 24” Uniflame model work well for impromptu trips, but the compact construction and flexible storage solutions make it ideal for smaller condominiums, homes with limited yard space and apartments with balconies or a terrace. Always use your fire bowl in open space with adequate ventilation.

The steel construction has a finish that will age with time. Thorough cleaning at the beginning and the end of the campfire season will ensure the appearance holds up. Using only a mild detergent (or a citrus degreaser product for stubborn stains), the surface can be quickly wiped clean. Heat resistant touch up paint can be used if scratches and chips occur.

The Uniflame 24″ black fire bowl with foldable legs is ideal for cozy fireside moments – at home, at the beach and in the campground. Find one for a reasonable price online and have it shipped today. You’ll be enjoying the cozy convenience before you know it. The ideal gift for friends and family or just something to spoil yourself purchase this well built, cleverly designed fire pit today.
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