The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Sante Fe 36 LP Campfire Fire Pit Review – Exceptionally Easy to Use

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Campfires are magical places where relationships light up and memories are made. Sometimes they are the only reason people go camping. And with this camping fire pit you can have the warmth and beauty of a campfire without the hassle and mess of building one. Sound too good to be true? The Outdoor Greatroom Company Sante Fe 36 LP Campfire Fire Pit is an exceptionally designed unit that should be in the yard of every family that enjoys these special moments outdoors.

The Outdoor Great Room Company Sante Fe Campfire Fire Pit

Liquid Propane Fueled for Fast Flames

Sure you could chop wood, build it up and light a campfire, but not everyone has that kind of time (or energy) after a long day. We were thrilled to find a product that delivered an authentic campfire feel without any of the work. The Sante Fe is a portable fire pit for camping in the backyard that sets up easily, runs on readily available propane like your BBQ and leaves no mess.

You can hook this model up to natural gas as well for instant flames on the patio or deck. But when you want to bring it along to the beach or the park, liquid propane is the best option for fast flames.

Features of this Outdoor GreatRoom Company Fire Pit

From the appealing look to the light weight materials and efficient design, this campfire style fire pit has a lot going for it. It’s hard to decide which of these features we like best:

  • Constructed of cast concrete for all of the natural beauty of stone without the heavy lifting – 99 lbs in total makes portability possible but weighty enough to stay put
  • Beautiful classic design makes this an attractive patio piece even without the fire
  • Full 36” wide means this a generous size fire pit that a crowd can enjoy – other dimensions 20” high
  • Durable and dependable long life stainless steel burner
  • Fueled by liquid propane or natural gas – both are convenient, clean and efficient
  • Boasts a heat output of 70,000 BTU
  • Sets up fast and easy
  • Liquid propane tank side table is an option that adds function and style to your yard, deck or patio

Benefits of a Modern Campfire

Imagine the glow of a campfire without the smell of it sticking to your clothes or hair.  Think about how nice it would be to set up this portable campfire fire pit and get it started without needing to bring in firewood, kindling and matches. Then consider how easy it is to clean up a fire pit running on propane – all you need to do is shut it off. No ashes, no mess, no problems.

Hook up the Sante Fe model on your patio with a natural gas connection-a conversion kit is included. You will likely need to call in a professional, especially if you don’t have a gas line running to the yard. Some have suggested a gas dryer hookup kit will work, but for the safest hook up you need to contact a professional.

Beautiful Design

We love the classic look of this patio fire pit. Honoring the design of ancient stone pillars, this model utilizes cast concrete to create a lighter weight product that’s heavy on style. Trimmed with detailed carvings and a nicely profiled base, this fire pit is finished off with a realistic log set. It goes well on a contemporary patio with low furniture and bold, modern decor. But this fire pit will also fit in with more traditional styles and could easily become the focal point on the deck, the favorite spot for friends and family to gather around for long summer evenings of fun and conversation. The tan colour belends well with any type of decor.

Realistic lava rocks and ceramic logs cover the stainless steel burner which is the optimum choice for outdoor use. It’s resistant to corrosion and reliable for consistent flames. Coupled with an automatic starter, this burner offers a dependable source of heat any time you want to use it.

Add the optional propane tank cover that doubles as a side table. The ideal place for drinks and a plate of snacks, this table is elegant and when combined with the Sante Fe model, it helps create a finished design on your patio. All you need is some seating and a few hours to sit back and gaze at the stars.

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company is well known for the upscale, solid models they carry. Strong enough to withstand even the harshest climates, this manufacturer offers fire pits that are sturdy and ultra durable. You’ll be investing in a patio piece that will last for years with very little maintenance and reliable operation.

What Reviewers Are Saying About the Outdoor GreatRoom Company Sante Fe Campfire Pit

Many consumers commented that this portable camping fire pit was even better looking than they expected. With wonderful features and a solid design, the Sante Fe model garnered four stars consistently. Here is what some reviewers are saying about this best seller:


  • “Great addition to our deck”
  • “Easy to set up…”
  • “…looks great on our deck”
  • “… is a wonderful conversation piece”
  • “…fit our needs perfectly”
  • “…puts out nice heat”
  • “…lovely to look at”


The igniter on this model was given mixed reviews. While some users stated that the Sante Fe started “on the first try every time,” others noted that it took some work to get the flames going. Connections could be an issue for certain applications, which is why when choosing the natural gas option you should always contact a professional, certified gas fitter for installation.

It’s worthwhile to note that even those users who had ignition trouble gave the unit a good rating based on the look and design.


These fire pits come with a 1 year warranty. This is limited to the replacement of defective components or workmanship.

Where to Buy the Sante Fe 36 LP Campfire Fire Pit

At Amazon you’ll find the best products on sale for the most generous discounts. Count on fast shipping to get this fire pit to you fast, ready for use on the patio right away. Wayfair is a company that prides itself on customer service and the thousands of positive reviews from past customers is a testament to their success. For the best deal on the Outdoor GreatRoom Company Sante Fe 36 LP Campfire Fire Pit, check out Amazon today.

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