The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Crystal Fire Burner with Tripod – Sparkling Views

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When you want to dress up, there is nothing like the sparkle of jewelry to help. The same principle applies to outdoor decor and the most durable shine can be achieved with glass. Add sparkle and some true drama with the Outdoor GreatRoom Company Crystal Fire Burner with Tripod. The leading manufacturer created this backyard masterpiece to transform your patio space.

This model is convenient, easy to set up and simple to operate. Completely safe, it is perfect to accessorize your patio and acts as a contemporary black table when the fire is not in use.

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A Warm and Classy Atmosphere

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Crystal Fire Burner with Tripod

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Crystal Fire Burner with Tripod

The Crystal Fire burner is a patented technology that uses LP fuel to display dancing flames. It can also be converted easily into a natural gas fireplace. Unique and modern, the fire actually burns above a collection of tempered glass chips tumbled together in a shimmering pattern.

Watch the orange flames reflect off the tinted glass. This electronic piezo design is hassle-free and unmatched. With a 25” diameter, the Crystal Fire burner creates a beautiful picture that also delivers warmth and comfort. At 7” deep, this stainless steel fire bowl is built for corrosion resistant durability.

Imagine the classy setting your patio will become with this fire bowl. Friends and family can gather around the flames in comfort and enjoy conversations, catching up and cozy rest. No chance of sparks or smoke ruining the atmosphere – just sparkling beauty and soothing warmth.

Perfect Set Up With the Tripod

As amazing as the Crystal Fire burner is, when that technology is combined with the tripod the benefits really add up. Made from aluminum that is powder coated in an attractive Dora brown, this frame is light weight yet entirely stable. Its curved, airy shape holds the firebowl up 20” and adds visual interest to your patio.

When the Crystal Burner is off or you’re in need of some extra space, simply slide the included black glass tabletop on top of the firebowl and admire the classy side table. If you are using an LP tank, pick up the tank cover table accessory as well to create an attractive patio set up.

The combination of cast aluminum, glass and stainless steel makes this fire bowl incredibly low maintenance. Perfect in all sorts of weather, this unit is also easily wiped off with general household cleaners.

Weighing only 16 pounds and using easily transportable fuel, this model can be brought to the beach or cottage for a portable treat. The frame is quick to set up and simple to carry around. And with a portable propane tank, this sparkling fire can be enjoyed wherever you are.

Perfect for small patios, this model can be used as a table or a fire pit. Stylish, versatile furniture is what every backyard needs and the Outdoor GreatRoom Company Crystal Fire Burner with Tripod fits the bill. Shop for this model online where free shipping offers makes it even more affordable. Buy it for a special occasion or just to spoil yourself while lounging on the patio. For whatever reason, this fire bowl model is ideal.

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