The Outdoor GreatRoom Company 42″ Chat Table with Granite Top & Lazy Susan Review

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Outdoor Greatroom Company 42 inch Chat Table with Granite Top and Lazy Susan

Outdoor Greatroom Company 42 inch Chat Table with Granite Top and Lazy Susan

Entertaining on your patio should be a casual thing that involves plenty of conversation, beverages and relaxation. But in order to create the perfect atmosphere for your backyard parties, the right furniture is essential. And the Outdoor GreatRoom Company 42” Chat Table with Granite Top and Lazy Susan is one of the very best selections you can make. With a little bit of everything including the quality and style you want, this fire pit table is an excellent investment.

Features of the Granite Chat Table

When shopping for patio furniture you’re sure to notice that there are plenty of things to base your selection on. But what other backyard accessory has all of the features of this gorgeous table? Take a look and compare.

  • The ideal chat table height of 22” high
  • British Granite table top a full 42” in diameter
  • Crystal Fire burner uses either Liquid Propane (as is) or Natural Gas (requires hook up)
  • Tumbled glass in burner sparkles with the flames and presents a stylish look no matter how large those flames are
  • Stainless steel beverage bowl insert for easy storage of cool drinks
  • Granite cover converts the whole thing into a stunning and durable patio coffee table
  • Cast aluminum frame is long lasting and low care
  • Lazy Susan makes entertaining even easier with flow and flexibility
  • Covered under a one year warranty

Upper Level Style

This fire pit coffee table does carry a higher price tag. For a little over $1,000 you will be getting much more than an outdoor fire pit though – this backyard accessory will make your space feel upper class and helps to create an impressive and ultra luxurious atmosphere.

What is it that makes this model so different? Is it the beautiful British granite tabletop? Or the attractive and solid looking cast aluminum frame? The scrolls and detailing on this chat table make it appealing no matter what your outdoor decor is like.

Pair this table with aluminum chairs or stylish slingbacks and you will have an impeccable patio set that invites you in for chats, drinks and snacking. The flames add an extra layer of ambiance no matter what fuel you employ and the convenience of the Lazy Susan is definitely a luxury.

The Difference the Crystal Fire Burner Makes

Outdoor Greatroom 42 inch Chat Table Crystal Fire

Outdoor Greatroom 42 inch Chat Table Crystal Fire

Not all patio fire pit tables are created the same. Some use liquid propane burners and ceramic log sets; others can be fit with natural gas or lit using traditional fuel like wood or charcoal. But only the Crystal Fire burner shimmers with tempered glass and realistic looking flames that offer nearly maintenance free heat and beauty in your yard.

This unit comes with the ability to hook up to Liquid Propane. You can even opt for the attractive matching side table that conveniently covers the propane tank. But if natural gas is your preferred fuel, by all means hook it up (hire a professional for this job) and enjoy the flames. That’s the kind of flexibility you can expect from the Outdoor GreatRoom Company.

Covering All of Your Entertainment Needs

What’s great about this model is the versatility if offers for entertaining. You can set up the fire pit cocktail table and enjoy appetizers on the patio while chatting over the dancing flames. Or, if the day is hot and you need to cool off, insert the stainless steel beverage bowl and fill it up for ice cold drinks all day long. But the opportunities don’t stop there. If neither of those options will work, simply fit the granite table cover on and use this piece as an exceptionally convenient cocktail table.

That’s where the Lazy Susan comes in extremely handy. You can keep everyone around the table happy with this feature, passing food and drinks around generously. It also makes games and other activities more fun. All in all, when this feature is coupled with the granite cover you can expect a much smoother and more enjoyable get together.

A Weighty Matter

Some people complain about the weight of this table. Thanks to the durable and gorgeous granite tabletop, this model weighs in at 170lbs. It is a hefty piece of patio furniture, so be sure you have the ideal location picked out before you attempt the assembly.

The aluminum frame will come together easily and is not overly heavy. Aluminum is often chosen for outdoor uses due to the metal’s corrosion resistance and lighter weight. But it will be the granite top that contributes all of the weight to this job. Be very careful as the solid pieces are fitted into the frame and the fire pit is attached securely.

Assembly shouldn’t take long and doesn’t require special skills, simply a careful hand.

Warranty Info

This model is covered by a one year limited warranty.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying About the Granite Chat Table Fire Pit

Consumers expect something beyond the ordinary when they spend this kind of money, and with this particular piece they will get it. The Granite Chat Table from the Outdoor GreatRoom Company is more than just a fire pit and more than just a patio coffee table – it is an investment in your comfortably classy and upscale outdoor living space.

Here’s what a few other very satisfied users have to say:


  • “The quality of the granite is astonishing.”
  • “smooth and flawless in finish”
  • “It works beautifully,electronic ignition with a control for low and high fire”
  • “…we absolutely love it.”
  • “To say I am impressed with this product is an understatement.”
  • “5 stars (out of 5)… Quality and Style”
  • “HIGHLY recommended!”
  • “We were nervous about buying such a pricey and heavy item online, but we are so glad we did”.
  • “Easy to assemble and easy to use”


  • Propane tank is exposed but a matching propane tank cover is available for extra

A Note from the Editor:

I have personally examined a number of fire pits by the Outdoor Greatroom Company and the quality is one of the highest in the market. You should not be disappointed when you receive your fire pit!

Mind you, the propane tank cannot be hidden in the open table design but you can purchase their matching Lp tank cover to keep  it hidden from plain site.

Where To Buy the 42” Chat Table With Granite Top

Discounts are a great thing. And when you can buy such a stellar product for a cheaper price, they become an even better thing. Think about picking up the Outdoor GreatRoom Company 42″ Chat Table with Granite Top and Lazy Susan from Wayfair, where great prices and fast shipping make this purchase even better. All in all this will be one of the best investments you make for your yard, your leisure time and your family.

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