The Outdoor Great Room Company 42″ Black Glass Chat Table with Matching Center Top Review – Chic and Classy

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The Outdoor GreatRoom Company 42" Black Glass Chat Table with Matching Center Top

An elegant decor puts you at ease and gives you a feeling of living in luxury. Put together with pieces that are comfortable as well as sleek and stylish, elegance on the patio is the goal of many homeowners. Anchor your decor with the Outdoor Great Room Company 42” Black Glass Chat Table with matching center top – stunning and practical at the same time.

One of our absolute favorites for a classy, modern patio, this model is completed by the Crystal Fire Burner with tumbled glass. This technology delivers warmth and beautiful flames without the fuss and mess of a more traditional fire pit. Less hassle and more relaxation is a lofty achievement. Boasting a classy table top and cutting edge burner, this fire pit coffee table adds elegance to any space.

Features of this Outdoor Great Room Company Model

Combine a striking fire pit with a gorgeous glass table and you’ll have this stunning patio piece. With the Outdoor Great Room Company’s dedication to cutting edge technology and design this model also delivers a variety of other features including:

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with powder coated protection
  • Easy to clean glass table top with weather resistant
  • Matching center insert to transform this fire pit into a full patio table
  • Optional ice bucket insert to keep the drinks cold
  • Crystal Fire Burner – the strong and striking stainless steel fire burner that features tumbled glass

Super Sleek Table for Entertaining

We gathered our favorite patio furniture around this chat table to test out the set up and ambiance. And boy, were we impressed. At 22 inches high this tabletop provides a comfortable place to set your lunch, a cold drink and any other must have items. A contoured edge gives it a sleek look and the shiny black surface rings a 20” wide stainless steel fire bowl inside. At 42 inches in diameter, the table is plenty wide enough for a dinner plate. You can even use the matching center piece included to create a classy full size patio table.

It was charming to note that the curved legs are reminiscent of a tear drop and the powder coated aluminum construction makes them worry-free. Aluminum is a favorite outdoor material for discerning homeowners as it is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. The black tempered glass is an excellent choice as well, resistant to heat and ready to stand up to both the elements and daily use. We loved how a quick wipe down brought the table back to an “out-of-the-box” shine.

The Crystal Fire Burner

The Outdoor Great Room Company fire pits are famous for this ultra convenient technology that delivers gorgeous flames. With the flick of a button you can enjoy flames without the hassle of smoke, sparks and messy fuel. This model runs on liquid propane, but can also be hooked up to natural gas.

You’ll be mesmerized by the vision of flames dancing amid the tumbled glass. Add some color to the glass for another element of class or use the optional log set for a more traditional appeal. We prefer the tumbled glass for a contemporary feel, but the logs are ideal when you’re looking to create a rustic atmosphere. Both are beautiful paired with this model’s sleek and contemporary glass table top, and the Crystal Fire Burner always creates an impressive sight in the backyard.

What Reviewers Are Saying About this Outdoor Great Room Company Model

Imagine enjoying the warmth of a fire nestled in this elegant piece of furniture. Your evenings on the patio are bound to be more relaxing, whether you’re entertaining guests, enjoying a rare moment of solitude or snuggled up with the one you love. Fire pits by the Outdoor Great Room Company deliver quality materials and the latest technology in impeccably classy designs. And the reviews agree wholeheartedly that this patio table with fire pit model is at the top of the class. Here are just a few comments:

  • “Attractive…”
  • “…a great buy!”
  • “…functional and practical.”
  • “…puts out a good amount of heat.”
  • “…looks nice.”

Where to Buy the Outdoor Great Room Company 42” Black Glass Chat Table

You can shop Wayfair stores for the lowest prices and most generous discounts out there. Free shipping on this model is another reason to order through this website with a solid support system of customer service. Both a patio table and fire bowl in one piece, the Outdoor Great Room Company 42″ Black Glass Chat Table with Matching Center Top makes a wonderful gift either for momentous occasions or everyday moments. Order through this quality online retailer and see how it can add a touch of class to your outdoor living space.


We have seen the Outdoor Greatroom Company line of fire pits and tables and we highly recommend them highly as far as quality , construction and beauty although they are more on the pricey side for that reason-well worth the money we may add!!.

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