Skagerak Olympic Firebowl – Stylish Ease and Comfort

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Picture the warmth and charm of a fireside.  Feel yourself relaxing as you stare into the flames, roast marshmallows together or strum a guitar to old camp songs.  The peaceful atmosphere of a wood fire can be yours anywhere with the Skagerak Olympic Firebowl.

Completely portable and simple to set up and operate, this durable raised fire pit is a must have for families, couples and anyone who enjoys long evenings on the beach, in the yard or at the cottage.

Skagerak Olympia Firebowl

Solid Construction and Contemporary Design

Made from heavy duty cast iron, the Helios Fire bowl from the Olympic designer range at Skagerak has a simple round shape that appeals to modern homeowners.  In classic black, the fire bowl is essentially two cones fit together to form the ideal location for a comfortable wood fire.

It is made to be timeless, keeping pace with Skagerak Denmark’s philosophy. The Scandinavian company works to be sure their products are ‘designed for generations’ and is known for products that employ simplicity, functionality  and sensitivity in their design.

Cast iron will weather over time and show patina.  With proper care the material will last for years. Be sure to give it a thorough cleaning on occasion and attack any rust with a wire brush and some black, heat resistant touch up paint right away.  BBQ paint will work well.

Skagerak also designed this unit with the optimal conveniences in mind.  Two easy to grasp handles are built into the smooth bowl shape, allowing you to carry the Olympic firebowl wherever it is you’re going – to the beach, the park, the cottage or the patio.  Set up is a breeze and the durability of the cast iron construction takes travel well.

The tip of the base cone protrudes into the fire bowl itself, collecting ash aand creating excellent airflow within your wood pile, resulting in a glowing center and a longer burn. Stack small logs in a tee-pee shape around the cone tip or line the bowl in another pattern.  The shape and design are built to make starting a fire and keeping it burning a simple job.

The clean, simplistic lines of this unit are attractive in any setting, with a subtlety that allows you to fully enjoy the flames.  Much like a decorative fruit bowl, the simple round shape of the Olympic model is built to accentuate the dancing flames.

Perfect Size For Any Home

The size of these fire bowls is a distinct attraction for many people.  The bowl itself has a 24” diameter, plenty large enough for a decent fire that won’t overpower a romantic evening.  At 8” high the unit is incredibly stable on almost any surface.  It isn’t the least bit intrusive and provides the perfect height for viewing your wood burning fire.

Even with solid cast iron construction, the Helios fire bowl weighs only 15 pounds, making it easy to cart around.  You’ll find yourself wanting to take one of these freestanding fire pits everywhere.

Skagerak Olympia Firebowl & Grill

Added accessories like the steel grill also take this model to a whole new level.  With a stainless steel grill that snaps right onto the bowl you can have sumptuous grilled meals in an instant.  Made from corrosion-free stainless, this grill is simple to clean and made to last as long as the fire bowl itself.

The Skagerak Olympic Firebowl is perfect for small spaces and anyone who is looking for portability.  Check out the reasonable prices and free shipping offers online and have this fire pit at your home for the next chilly evening.  Your backyard or patio will never be the same.  And this clean, contemporary fire pit makes an ideal gift for anyone that enjoys relaxation by the fireside.

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