Real Flame Hampton Fire Bowl in Black – Convenience Inside and Out

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Flames offer comfort and warmth both outdoors and in. Permanent fireplaces and gas or wood stoves are wonderful, but can be messy and expensive to install and maintain. The Real Flame Hampton fire bowl in black allows you maximum flexibility with minimal fuss for a reasonable cost.

This large free standing fire pit is made to be used inside the home or out on the patio. It is safe, attractive and above all, easy to use. You can enjoy a beautiful display of dancing flames without having to worry about chopping wood or having access to gas connections. True convenience wherever you are.

Real Flame Hampton Fire Bowl in Black

Durable and Flexible

Real Flame specializes in manufacturing fireplaces and pits that are vent-free and built to last. The quality construction of the Hampton model speaks for itself.

The bowl is 28 inches in diameter, providing an expansive space for your fire. Sitting at 12 inches high, the Hampton fire bowl is low enough to blend into a relaxing outdoor setting, yet high enough to be enjoyed as a focal point in any space.

Made from a combination of fiberglass and steel that is extremely heat resistant, the fire pit bowl is then painted by hand for an attractively simple look.

Safety is not an issue, as the Hampton model is approved by both the EPA and OSHA and the gel fuel used is safe to store, use and transport.

Real Flame Gel Fuel

The fuel is the real secret to this fire bowl. With easy set up and a supply of this unique, convenient fuel that produces a true flame but doesn’t require the traditional venting and chimney, your Real Flame fire pit bowl will be ready to use.

Shipped complete with the troughs and some decorative river rocks to line the bowl, this system has a natural appearance with cutting edge operation. Simply pour the oil in and light – your fire bowl will be on full display with beautiful flames reflected off of the river rocks. Romantic, safe and incredibly easy to use, the gel fuel system is hard to beat.

The Hampton model isn’t made strictly for heat production. Mainly to create a mood and add beauty to the patio, sunroom, porch or backyard, this fire bowl will pump out some heat and make the room warmer but shouldn’t be heavily relied on for it.

Gel fuel is also extremely economical. Using one can of gel fuel runs you just over $1.00 per hour and the product can be purchased in bulk amounts for storage. Add the convenience and cost to the already lower price of this fire bowl and you have a wise (and gorgeous) addition to bring home.

A simple design that suits either a modern and contemporary home or one with more traditional decor, the Hampton model is ideal for any yard. At 66 lbs, this fire fit is not easily portable although it can be moved out into the yard and back inside whenever you need it to.

For durability and convenience, beauty and unique styling, the Real Flame Hampton fire bowl in black is a favorite for so many homeowners. Shop online and take advantage of rock bottom prices on this model. Your home and patio will be complete when you purchase the Hampton mid-sized fire bowl model and capture the easiest way to enjoy a fire without the need for a vent.
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