Patina Products Western Fire Pit with Cover – Casual and Rugged Styling

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If you love the thought of looking out over grassy plains with horses and cattle wandering the wide open spaces you are certainly not alone. Many appreciate the atmosphere and peace of country living, even if their home is found in the suburbs. Capture the casual and rugged styling of country life in the west with the Patina Products Western fire pit with cover. This cozy patio center piece will help you create that easy feeling any time.

A favorite in the wide selection of quality Patina Products fire pits available, this charcoal and wood burning model has a form and design that will appeal to many. From horse fans to country music fans and all those who collect eclectic American folk art, this fire pit is just the piece to add to your backyard.

Patina Products Western Fire Pit with Cover

Patina Products Western Fire Pit with Cover

Durable Steel Construction

The natural patina finish on this product decorates a solid cold-rolled steel construction. Built to last and take plenty of wear and tear from regular use, the simple design of this round fire pit is one of the key selling points.

Steel cylinder legs are welded on for stability and a strong safety ring 31” in diameter protects those snuggling close to the flames. The ring does double duty as a handle for easy portability and also acts as a convenient foot rest for stretching out beside the fire.

The Western fire pit is sturdy sitting 16” off the ground and boasting a fire bowl 24” in diameter. That’s plenty of room for a stack of seasoned hardwood logs or a pile of charcoal briquettes. To help you throw the perfect backyard barbeque cookout for friends and family, Patina Products fire pits come with a quality BBQ grill insert. Throw some snacks on the fire and enjoy a true Western style meal under the blazing sun or sparkling stars.

Trust in the five year warranty that covers against damage caused by rusting and burning through. This is a great investment for your backyard, creating instant atmosphere, dependable warmth and casual charm all for a reasonable price. Get more than one to spread the joy around your family.

Designed With Classic Appeal

Round fire pits offer 360 degree viewing and easy loading or unloading of wood fuel. The Western fire pit takes that classic shape and makes it better with attractive cutouts of horses, bucking broncos and other traditional western scenes.

Not only do these designs look fabulous, but they help keep the air mixture in the fire bowl at prime levels. Backed by an interior spark screen, these cutouts are practical and pretty in true western style.

The unit comes with a removable spark screen designed to let you get really close to the flames while staying safe and a poker for better fuel control. A cover is also available free and helps to make the steel fire pit last even longer by protecting it from nasty elements of weather. You can elevate the fire bowl further with an optional matching riser stand.

Add the Patina Products Western fire pit with cover to your patio and enjoy a casual, rugged campfire atmosphere reminiscent of the Old West. Shop online and find incredible deals such as free shipping and a free protective cover. The ideal gift for any loved one, this fire pit will help you enjoy many memorable moments in the backyard, no matter whether you’re out in the country or nestled the suburbs.
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