Patina Products Chinese Symbols Fire Pit with Cover – Warmth With Harmony

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Asian design and lifestyle have made a big impact the entire world over. The drive for balance and harmony has spread throughout our homes and now finds its way into our backyards, where Asian designs and symbols help to create an idyllic atmosphere. Add the Patina Products Chinese Symbols fire pit with cover to your patio or landscape and enjoy the instant feeling of warmth and harmony. Built with a simple, timeless design in durable materials, this backyard fire pit is the perfect addition to an Asian themed yard. It’s also a trendy design that suits any eclectic landscape and makes an ideal gift for well-loved friends and family.

Patina Products Chinese Symbols Fire Pit with Cover

Portable and Simple

A circular design made from steel that is cold-rolled for strength, the Chinese Symbols model displays beautiful character cutouts that glow with gorgeous orange when the flames are lit. Not just for looks, the symbols are also there for added ventilation and help to create the optimum mixture for a wood burning campfire.

Sitting 16 inches high off the ground, this Patina Products fire pit is 24” in diameter and sports a safety ring (convenient fo rlifting as well) that extends to a 31” diameter. Solid steel legs support the fire bowl in a triangular pattern – lending it the most strength. It is recommended that this steel fire pit be placed on a stone surface (or other non-combustible) for the safest use.

Besides using the Chinese Symbols fire pit in your backyard, it can also be taken with you to the beach, cottage or cook out. A free black vinyl cover is included and by simply pulling the drawstring closure, this charocal and wood burning fire pit is safely packed up and ready for transport.

Classic Beauty

The lovely Chinese characters present a classy, almost mysterious feel to this outdoor fire bowl and the color and finish present a picture of classic beauty. True to their name, Patina Products lends their signature rust patina finish to this model – a warm, brownish-orange color that creates a timeless appeal.

Trust in the construction of this solid round fire pit. Shipped to you fully assembled, this Patina Products model comes with a full five-year warranty and dependable quality that is second to none.

To complete the setting in your outdoor living space, the Chinese Symbols wood burning fire pit comes with a sturdy spark screen cover for protection, a poker for handling the flames and a grill insert that allows you to turn the fire pit into a charcoal or wood fired BBQ. Everything you need for backyard fun is included. Keep warm and cozy on romantic nights and grill a smoky bite for each of your friends at the neighborhood bonfire. This versatile firepit does it all.

Patina Products also offers a stand for the circular steel fire pit, although it must be purchased separately. Available to add a height of 6”, 12” or 24”, the riser stand is a great accessory that adds drama to an already impressive unit.

Shop for the Patina Products Chinese Symbols fire pit with cover at this quality online retailer. Offering the best package and even free shipping, it’s easy to begin enjoying this lovely backyard centerpiece right away. Perfect for a gift or to complete your Asian-themed outdoor décor, this fire pit is a beautiful addition to any patio.
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