Patina Products F117,30 Inch Pacific Coast Fire Pit Review – Amazing and Affordable Style

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There is something alluring about the Pacific Coast. Maybe it’s the sun, sand and surf of the southern coast or the mountainous beauty of the northern Pacific coastline. It could be the sheer diversity and undeniable promise of this unique region that draws so many. Whatever the reason, the Patina Products F117 30 inch Pacific Coast fire pit captures the easy style and universal comfort of this coastline so well, helping you recreate that fun and style in your own backyard.

Patina Products F117, 30 Inch Pacific Coast Fire Pit

Patina Products F117, 30 Inch Pacific Coast Fire Pit

Features of the Patina Products Pacific Coast Fire Pit

This round fire pit has a lot going for it. Besides the beautiful styling and durable construction, the manufacturer has also made this fire pit ideal for camping trips. Portability is an added feature that you can’t help but appreciate on a backyard fire pit in this size and styling. Check out some of the other features you can admire:

  • Made of 16 gauge steel – cold rolled for impressive durability in any weather
  • Finished in a natural rust patina that will only look better with age
  • 24” diameter fire bowl (12” deep) sitting at 16” high on fully welded, sturdy legs
  • Safety ring runs 30” in diameter and does triple duty as a handle, footrest and safety barrier
  • For use with wood or charcoal
  • Handy grill insert included for the perfect camping BBQ set up
  • Attractive cut outs function as vents with spark screen inserts for safety
  • Only 50lbs – the ideal portable fire pit for camping,rving or a day at the beach

Rustic Charm and Easy Use

Patina Products has a vast selection of designs in this rustic look, but the Pacific Coast fire bowl is a classic and appealing to so many across the continent. Palm trees are nestled beside soaring gulls and sunsets on the beach – scenes that anyone would find relaxing, especially in their own backyard.

But the appeal of the Patina Products fire pits goes well beyond those cute cut outs. With a simple round design and welded, cold rolled steel construction, the manufacturer delivers a convenient fire pit that can be used at home every night or carted along on a camping trip with ease. Pile up the 12” deep fire bowl with logs or charcoal – it’s entirely up to you.

All You Need in Accessories

Another big plus for this camping fire pit is the array of accessories. Included in your purchase are a poker (to control those flames), a spark screen (to keep you safe when snuggled close to the fire), a grill insert (for yummy BBQ meals at home or while camping) and a black vinyl cover (to keep your investment well taken care of). Besides a pile of logs or a bag a charcoal, this kit comes with almost everything you’ll need for countless nights of campfire fun.

Set the pit up on a level, non-combustible surface – patio stones, concrete pads or gravel work well. You will enjoy dancing flames that are easily viewable from the attractive cut outs. But don’t worry about safety; Patina Products also included a screen of steel mesh welded into place to keep the sparks inside the pit and away from your legs and feet.

No Assembly Required

Forget about complicated instructions and tiring afternoons working with fasteners and tools. This fire pit comes completely assembled and ready to use. All of the essential parts are welded on for the utmost safety and longevity – from the 0.5” thick safety ring to the inner mesh and sturdy legs. You don’t need to worry about a thing, except maybe deciding whether you will use the grill right away or try your hand at a blazing campfire first.


Patina Products offers a generous five-year warranty on the Pacific Coast portable fire pit bowl. You can be confident that your fire pit will not rust through or burn through during the warranty period and most units last for much longer with proper care and use.

Only One Color

Some people find the lack of color selection a turn off for this round fire pit. But the natural rust patina matches any decor and will actually look better over time – you can’t say that for many other backyard accessories.

The Pacific Coast patterns are only one choice in the large selection of patterns and styles that Patina Products offers. Check out one of the other models if you like the idea of selection. But you’re very likely to find this one is your favorite.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying About the Patina Products Pacific Coast Camping Fire Pit

Just like the other products offered by this well known manufacturer, the Pacific Coast model is getting rave reviews. Not only are people finding the price appealing, but the easy use and complete portability also makes this fire pit a top choice.

Here’s what some of the other reviewers had to say:

  • “Great fire pit!”
  • “…standing the test of time in an outdoor environment.”
  • “… receives lots of compliments…”
  • “Nice product… well built…”
  • “… works great… looks great”
  • “When friends gather around the fire pit it almost always mentioned in our discussions.”
  • “It has made out campfires fun!”
  • “We love it!”

Where to Buy the Patina Products Pacific Coast Round Fire Pit

This is an affordable option perfect for giving as a gift, although you’ll probably want to get one for yourself as well… just to avoid the inevitable envy. At just over $200 this portable camping fire pit is one of the best investments you can make in your backyard that will also add to your vacations and down time.

You can expect rock bottom prices and speedy shipping (it may even be free shipping) from large online retailers like This manufacturer is sure to stand behind the product and countless customers of the web retailer can’t be wrong – it is consistently one of the best places to buy products for your home and travels.

Wherever you pick up the Patina Products F117 30 inch Pacific Coast fire pit and wherever your family ends up taking it, this is one of the best buys you’ll find. It will deliver hours and hours of easy fun for everyone.
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