Patina Products Evening Sky Fire Pit-Stars & Moon Design Delights

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What do you think of when trying to relax? Perhaps there are various ways that you do so. One such way that many people go about relieving the stress of the day is to watch the sun go down. Sometimes it can get a little cool when doing so however. Also, you may wish to have a little light so that you can stay out a bit longer. The trouble is figuring out how to do this with little trouble.

Starry Nights

This is where the Patina Products Evening Sky fire pit comes in. Decorated with cut outs of stars and moons this fire pit is extremely gorgeous to look at especially when a fire is burning cheerfully away in it. Imagine how nice it would be to enjoy evenings outdoors watching the stars appear in the sky while also appreciating the comfort of a wood fire in this pit. You get heat, comfort, and relaxation all in one package.

Patina Products Evening Sky Fire Pit with Cover and Optional Stand

Patina Products Evening Sky Fire Pit with Cover and Optional Stand

When the sun sets the stars and moons will come out throwing their light across your porch or patio. Why stop there? You can also carry this wonderful piece with you wherever you may go. Take it camping with you or just down to the beach. You will be surprised just how useful it can be.

Versatile Features

Handcrafted by talented artisans, the F100 Patina Products fire pit  model will keep you warm and comfy. It can also be quite romantic. Take your special someone out to sit near the glow given off by this beautiful fire and watch how quickly romance can be kindled. The fact that it is quite portable just serves to make it even better as you can take it wherever you wish to go. Whether it is camping, to the beach, or even to a tailgate party there is no limits on where you may be able to use this pit.

Here are some great features:

  • There is a bonus to this great little pit however. It actually comes with its own grill insert. This means that you not only have an awesome looking fire pit; you have a functional wood grill for barbequing as well. You can fire it up and toss on a few hamburgers, hotdogs, or whatever else may suit your fancy.
  • Steel poker that is shandy for stoking your flames
  • Another bonus is the free black cover with drawstring that is included with the package as well. The cover will keep your pit nice for some time to come by helping to keep it dry and clean. 
  • A great safety feature is the welded fire ring that surrounds the bowl. It makes it convenient to move the fire pit  around.  The dimensions of the pit are 16″ H x 31″ W x 31″ D, so you can conveniently  prop your feet up to keep your toes warm as well as move it around easily. the actual bowl itself is 24′ diameter, not too big or too small, but just right.
  • A spark screen provides additional safety and will keep the embers in
  • Stars and moon designs are attractive but practical cutouts that with the airflow that goes through, will keep your fire going.
  • The natural finish is a patina as opposed to being a paint finish that will patina over time and require no maintenance.

A great option to consider but not included: You can raise the pit even higher with the fire pit  riser stand by Patina Products.(that you can purchase separately). Heights vary from 6. 12 to 24 inches.

Make sure when building your fire you set up the pit on a fire proof surface such as stone, brick, or concrete to prevent the chance of accidental fires. This low unit won’t blow over either: not at 50 pounds anyway.

What Are Satisified Customers Saying?

Users are very satisfied indeed. The rating has consistent 5 out of 5 ratings for the reviews.

“…comes with everything you need…”  

“…deep ventilated side walls, so you can safely build a roaring fire…”  

“…no assembly…completely welded together”  

“…solidly built and of good quality…”


Finish may come off on your hands so you may want to wear gloves when picking this up.

Absolutely Fantastic Warranty on the Patina F100 Fire Pit

An unheard of  5 year warranty from Patina Products protects fire pit from rusting or burning through.

Where Can you Buy this Whimsical Fire Pit Bowl?

At trusted retailer AMAZON. When you choose a Patina Products Evening Sky fire pit it will not let you down.  Check one out today and find out how you can get free shipping!


In our opinion, this is a great value for the money- one of the best fire pits on the market.  A versatile unit with many bonuses; poker, cover and grill for cooking that are sometimes options on other pits.  No flimsy piece of work, this rugged steel Patina fire pit is built to withstand use. It will last for quite some time to come as it is fully welded. Fantastic warranty and minimal to no maintenance. The design will also fit any backyard patio decor. What more do you need?

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