Modfire Modern Outdoor Fireplaces Review – Stunning Sculpture, Fantastic Function

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Run of the mill products and experiences fill our lives with dull, dry busyness. Unforgettable events, on the other hand, center on quality home products that make relaxation simple and set the stage for those transforming moments. The Modfire Modern Outdoor Fireplace is one of those products, combining beauty and function to offer the ultimate in backyard comfort. Unique, durable and downright stunning, this item is hot in more ways than one.

What Makes Modfire Different?

This is no ordinary outdoor fireplace. Even at first glance you can feel something different, something cool, sleek and dramatic. The Modfire is a work of art housing nature’s answer to warmth and relaxation.

But is there more to this backyard fireplace than a pretty face? Did the manufacturer back up a contemporary design with resilient materials and innovative function? Will this design speak to consumers as it did to the designer and founder, Brandon Williams?

Check out the features to find out.

Features of the Modfire Modern Fireplace

  • Fabricated from 14-gauge steel, hand rolled into a distinctive cone shape
  • Most popular models measure about 48” high, with a circular base (22” diameter) and a circular top (9” diameter)
  • Taller, custom model available measuring 7ft. in height
  • Handcrafted by a skilled steel fabrication artisan, each piece is completely unique
  • Finished in your choice of five high temperature paint colors or a natural steel finish that includes a high gloss clear coat
  • Designed to be sleek with smooth welds and gentle, organic curves
  • Available in four basic designs that utilize different fuels for an entirely different experience

Which Model Is Right For You?

Wood Burning – The Urban Campfire Modfire

Modfire's Urban Campfire

Urban Campfire by Modfire

The Urban Campfireis the original showpiece that literally lit the flame of Brandon Williams’ imagination. A removable firebowl (14” around) is fitted into the bottom of the distinctive cone, perfect for shorter logs and fabricated firewood.

Ashes are easy to clean up and the unique shape of this backyard fireplace helps to create the ideal fire. It’s worth noting that the wood burning Urban Campfire is only available in the Natural Steel finish.

Pros of the Urban Campfire:

  • the most affordable model from Modfire
  • no fuss or connections – perfect for the cottage, cabin or anyplace in the backyard
  • removable firebowl makes clean up simple and fast
  • cone shape keeps smoke out of your eyes and face
  • open sides perfect for roasting snacks or simply fire-gazing

Cons of the Urban Campfire:

  • requires the most amount of work, setting up the firewood and lighting the flames
  • only comes in one finish

Natural Gas or Propane-Fueled – The Urban Gasfire

 Modfire's Urban Gasfire

Urban Gasfire by Modfire

The Urban Gasfiremodel burns propane using a 10-foot long hose (included). It can also be hooked directly to natural gas plumbing. Any additional plumbing will increase the overall cost, but natural gas is convenient, clean and never requires refilling. Some prefer it over propane, although the Gasfire is fitted for either.

The Urban Gasfire is identical to the original Urban Campfire model, with the exception of a star burner mounted firmly to the firebowl. Place lava rocks or glass media around the burner to create a more distinctive flame view.

Pros of the Urban Gasfire

  • extremely convenient operation – just turn the gas on and ignite
  • star burner is well mounted for stability
  • gas fuel makes a smokeless fire
  • open sides can be used for grilling
  • 10 foot long hose included and longer hose available upon request
  • available in a range of cool, designer colors

Cons of the Urban Gasfire

  • propane tank needs to be close by
  • installing natural gas plumbing can be expensive

Ethanol Fueled for Indoor Use – The Hausfire Modfire

Modfire's Hausfire

Hausfire by Modfire

The ecofriendly Hausfire burns ethanol cleanly and safely for an incredible indoor experience. An Eco Smart ethanol burner is mounted in the firebowl, surrounded by sparkling fire glass for a stunning show. Use this model inside or out, basking in about 5,800 BTU’s of power to warm your living space.

Pros of the Hausfire:

  • ethanol gas is a clean burning fuel safe for indoor or outdoor use
  • smokeless and virtually odorless flames
  • provides enough heat to keep a standard-sized room cozy
  • beautiful glass media is stylish and safe
  • available in the same range of colors as the Gasfire model

Cons of the Hausfire:

  • ethanol needs to be manually refilled when burned off
  • more expensive than the Urban Campfire or Gasfire designs, although they are not safe for indoor use

Propane-Fueled With Built-In Storage – The Metrofire Modfire

Modfire's Metrofire

Metrofire by Modfire

The Metrofire (sometimes referred to as the ModPad) comes mounted on top of a storage module for your 20-lb propane tank. The base and fireplace are finished in layers of high temperature paint and your tank can be easily removed through the rear door. The fireplace portion fo this unit is identical to the Gasfire version, but for a bolder look and convenient, one-piece design the Metrofire may be worth the additional investment.

Pros of the Metrofire:

  • height allows for better visuals of the flames
  • clever stand hides the propane tank
  • shut off valve key can be removed for a sleek look
  • all of the convenience of gas flames, without the fuss of hoses or plumbing

Cons of the Metrofire:

  • height may make it difficult to use for grilling purposes
  • more expensive than the Urban Gasfire model, although the included stand is a smart and valuable addition

The Story Behind the Flames

Are you the kind of person that attaches memories, feelings and moods to products? Even if you aren’t, the story behind the Modfire will inspire you, warm your heart and get you in the mood for relaxation. The stirring journey of artist Brandon Williams starts at home…

After moving from Chicago to Phoenix, AZ, Brandon found himself looking for an attractive and functional backyard fireplace. When his 3-year-old son wanted to roast marshmallows, Brandon began looking for a way to capture the complete experience, encompassing the style and feel of his 1950’s ranch home.

Shopping the market left him uninspired. After various sketches, designs and dreams, the distinctive shape of the Modfire was born in the metalworker’s mind, perfectly balancing function with sleek form.

The original Modfire came out of that search, a strikingly handsome fireplace that delivers dependable flames and is perfect for roasting marshmallows with the kids.

But Brandon soon realized that other people were searching, too. People across the country wanted an ideal backyard piece that combined cool with constructive. After bringing a few key players on board, craftsman and friend David Dorn and business consultant and friend Marty Young, Williams started the Modfire brand and things really began to heat up.

Modfire In the Media

Modfire modern fireplaces have been placed on the NY Times Gift Guide, featured in major publications and on network television and honored with a 2011 Dwell on Design award in the Best Furniture and Accessory category.

Modfire can even be found on Hollywood sets, most notably becoming a fixture on the popular sitcom “Up All Night.”

There’s no denying the fact that this backyard fireplace is a hot item. But it also delivers stellar design and durable construction, making the Modfire a wise investment for your family. Thick steel, quality high temperature paint and a simple, one-piece shape make this a valuable design.

You can invest in a custom-made protective cover to keep the elements out. Available from the Modfire manufacturers, this cover is made from weather-resistant fabric and comes in a variety of colors. Tighten up the grommet ties at the bottom of the cover and your Modfire will be even cozier.

How Does the Modfire Stack Up Against Other Backyard Firepits?

Consider your backyard fire pit as an investment. Spending a little more money now will allow you to enjoy a dependable product that complements your outdoor decor and sets the stage for countless parties, gatherings and relaxing afternoons.

The price of the Modfire is comparable to larger sized backyard fireplaces. Many of the coffee table fire pit models fall into the same price range, and are made with resin for durability and form. Heavy weights and multiple-component designs make these models difficult to move. The Modfire is much lighter (coming in around 65lbs, depending on the model chosen) and can be moved around much more easily.

The all-steel-construction of the Modfire is another advantage. Incredibly resistant to shock, damage and exposure, this outside fireplace will perform well for years, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. A cover will help keep the unit clean and dry, but that fabric covering mainly protects the burner or firebowl. The steel cone is designed to last.

Perhaps the greatest advantage the Modfire offers is a distinct style. People will mistake this fireplace for a sculpture or art piece; it’s just that striking. A high gloss finish allows it to sparkle in the sunshine and watching the flames dance through the natural oval windows is breathtaking. Sure, you can find other styles of contemporary outdoor fireplaces. But for modern style and a unique flare it’s very difficult to match this unit.

Need another benefit? The Modfire is made in the USA, carefully crafted by skilled artisans and sold by a domestic company of hardworking Americans.

It Is A Beautiful Thing

Watch this video to learn more about the designer, his inspiration and the fabrication process:


Each of the Modfire designs arrive fully assembled. Set up of the glass media or lava rocks must be done on site, once you have the unit in place. This only takes a few minutes and requires nothing more than willing hands and a good eye.

From that point you simply need to add the fuel (wood, natural gas, propane or ethanol) and get the flames going. Marshmallows not included.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying About the Modfire Modern Outdoor Fireplace

Full reviews of the Modfire are rare, given that the modern outdoor fireplace is a fairly new product. But media attention has been sharp and extremely positive. You don’t have to look too hard to see that consumers are falling for this sleek sculpted beauty.

Here’s just a few samples of comments:

  • “Thank you so much…I love it and so do my neighbors.” Urban Gasfire in tangerine
  • “A new looker for your yard…utilitarian beauty…” Sunset Magazine, November 2011
  • “These are very cool.” Kristen GB – via Facebook
  • “This color is really great! Love it…” Hausfire in avocado
  • “Too often we let our sense of style and design stop at the backdoor. Modfire brings the same visual sizzle to your outdoor space – extending your personality to the place where you gather with friends and family.”, August 2011
  • ” I took a liking to The Modfire, a contemporary take on the classic chiminea…”, July 2011 on the Urban Campfire in Natural Steel
  • ” Sexxxy.” Dedsue H – via FB on the Hausfire in white

Where To Buy the Modfire Outdoor Fire Pits

Modern design, durable construction and efficient function come together in this gorgeous outdoor fireplace. But Modfire modern outdoor fireplaces aren’t available everywhere…just yet. Check out the manufacturer’s direct website for an affordable price, fast shipping and a few essential accessories. Choose your model and be the first of your friends to have this beauty in your backyard or living room. Modern living at its absolute best, the Modfire fireplace will help you create an amazing atmosphere at your home.

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