Madison Jr Fire Pit in Steel – Plenty of Power For Smaller Spaces

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Less is more and good things come in small packages. Those who have them know that all the joys of the outdoors can be found in smaller, more compact yards – just as much as in sprawling property. All the pleasures of a patio are there if there is enough space to hold a table and a few lounge chairs. The only thing missing is something to create a comfortable atmosphere in almost any weather.

The Madison Jr fire pit in steel will do just that. With a wood fire burning safely this standing outdoor fireplace will provide the ideal ambiance for relaxation even on the smallest patio.

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Madison Jr. Fire Pit in Steel

Madison Jr. Fire Pit in Steel

Why Less Really Is More in a Fire Pit

You need to build and tend the fire in a wood burning outdoor fire pit. Although simple enough to look after in this sturdy, well built model, it does take a little handiwork to get the logs set up and the kindling started. With a smaller fire pit you have a more modest fire to build and tend – perfect for an intimate setting.

This circular steel fire pit is 22 inches in diameter and 22 inches deep, providing a compact yet fully functional structure for your fire. Surrounded entirely by a steel mesh screen, you can get snuggled up close to the flames without worrying about sparks or ash.

Made from both stainless steel – the dishes and hardware are stainless – and standard steel, this fire pit will weather well and is easy to maintain. It can be covered when not in use for extra protection and cleaning is simple with a wire brush and a wipe down.

Good Things Do Come in Small Packages

This Madison fire pit model is made with all of the benefits this manufacturer is known for. Self contained and standing 23 inch high, you can set this fire pit up and depend on it for countless evenings of comfortable atmosphere and warmth.

Not only does the circular design make for better viewing, but the logs and kindling can be loaded on any side with a simple push of the steel screens. The open design makes for even heat and plenty of light distribution.

Manufactured proudly in the USA, this fire pit is shipped directly to your home and requires only minimal assembly. Always practice safe fire handling procedures when using this fire pit and burn only properly sized logs. Set it up on an even surface, such as your patio or deck and be sure that no branches or leaves are overhanging.

No matter what size your backyard is, if you have room enough for this steel fire pit and a few chairs to get nice and close, you will be able to create a patio paradise. It’s as easy as ordering the Madison Jr fire pit in steel from a quality website and assembling it in your yard. Then with some comfortable chairs and a little fuel, you can look forward to dancing flames and warm conversation. This unit is durable, attractive and ideal for any home – small or large. Be sure to include one in your outdoor living space.

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