Madison Fire Pit in Black with Stainless Steel Mesh Screens – An All Around Fantastic Model

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When beauty is on display everyone wants a chance to enjoy. And the benefits of a campfire are best felt when friends surround the flames. The Madison fire pit in black with stainless steel mesh screens is the perfect set up on your patio, allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty and feel the warmth.

Designed more like a traditional fireplace with a frontal side view instead of the usual top view, this fire pit is distinct. Not to mention the simple, yet unique shape, there is no doubt that this wood burning outdoor fireplace will stand out.

Madison Firepit in Black with Stainless Steel Mesh Screens

Durable Construction and Dependable Design

Madison built this outdoor  fireplace to last in your yard with minimal maintenance. Constructed mainly of steel with a porcelain enamel coating, this model can last a long time in the sun and isn’t bothered by the high heat temperatures of a flame.

The screens that are attached within the wheel-shaped unit are made of full stainless steel, an important point given the intricate nature of the mesh pattern. This product will never rust and requires little in the way of cleaning or care.

The support tube and all hardware are also made from stainless steel, meaning the essential parts of the structure are made with a product of unmatched strength. Although a very similar model comes completely in stainless steel, the cost difference and sturdy design makes the black model more popular. A small amount of assembly is required, but everything is fairly straightforward.

Impressive Size

This freestanding fire pit is designed for use on the patio, although it can be set up with safe conditions on the lawn. It stands at an impressive 35” tall, which gives you an ideal 360 degree view while gazing into the flames. The circular fire bowl is 33” in diameter, allowing for plenty of good sized logs to be stacked inside for a long lasting flame.

Invite the whole gang over and enjoy an evening around the fire and under the stars, sipping drinks and swapping summer vacation stories. The standing fire pit by Madison is bound to draw the crowds as they look to stay warm or let the dancing flames hypnotize them. Cover up the campfire pit dug in the yard and leave low profile fire bowls to the others, your home and lifestyle will be better served with this free-standing model.

Kids and pets can roam freely around this fire pit as the stainless steel mesh screen will protect them from flying sparks. Easily moved for fuel loading, the screen simply slides to one side and can be left completely out of way if you would like.

The Madison Fire Pit in black with stainless steel mesh screens is an excellent choice for any yard, although it’s essential in a home where entertaining happens often. This wood burning  fire pit will keep the company warm all night long and provide light and ambiance the whole evening. Before your next patio party be sure to shop quality online stores to find the Madison collection. Or better yet, surprise some loved one with the gift of a cozy fire within this unit. For you or a friend, these fire pits delivers top notch flame capacity in a striking, simple design.
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