Landmann USA Super Sky Fire Pit Review-Party Perfect

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Have you just sat out under the stars and the moon and stared up? Maybe you were wondering what made the stars twinkle the way that they do. Perhaps you counted how many looked close and how many seemed farther away. Anyway you looked at them you have to admit that the one thing they are is relaxing. Odds are that when you were finished relaxing like that you probably felt a ton better. Now there is an even better way to enjoy the outdoor experience.

Landmann USA 28905 Super Sky Fire Pit

Landmann USA 28905 Super Sky Fire Pit

Whimsical Celestial Design

The Landmann USA Super Sky Fire Pit is made of steel and has been crafted in a very unique style offering you something quite beautiful to look at while it warms you at the same time. As it is totally eye catching in its design, you may find yourself staring at the fire pit more often than you are doing any star gazing. There is nothing at all wrong with this however. You have every right to get the most out of this garden fire pit. It has been created for your enjoyment.

The design on the outside of this gorgeous steel fire pit is just plain beautiful. The moons and stars cutouts give it a special touch that everyone can appreciate. The impressive size of it ensures that you will get a great deal of light as well as warmth radiating from it keeping everything and everyone warm and cozy. If you would like the perfect fire pit to brighten up your patio or porch then you have found it.

The Super Sky 28905 is the right model to compliment most any décor that you might have in mind. The rustic red brown color blends in quite well, and the moon and stars complement many different backyard designs.

The New Look Of Versatility

Not only is the design unique, this outdoor fire bowl is very large, great for small to quite large gatherings. Size wise it measures an impressive 43″ in the outer diameter ring and has 962 square inches of burn surface.

If you need to move the pit from place to place you can do so with this full diameter safety handle that comes standard on each one. This outer ring is not only an important safety feature which includes: stopping your kids from bumping into the hot bowl but can be used for propping your feet up and warming your toes,  at 23″ high this makes it convenient.

It is a good idea to wait until the pit cools off quite a bit before trying to move it however. This will cut down on the chance of accidental burns. The spark screen that is included with this model is also quite handy for lessening the chances of burns and fires as well. There is nothing scarier than the fear of losing someone or something you love to fire. It is better to be safe than sorry in this aspect. You wouldn’t want to get hurt before being able to enjoy the fire pit.

It is a good idea to place the fire pit on a level and non-flammable surface. Concrete or bricks on your patio will do the job just fine.

As this is a good sized fire bowl pit, you may require more than one person to get it set into place. At a hefty 49 pounds the Super Sky fire bowl will not be going anywhere. The thick guage steel adds sturdiness to make this large fire bowl a powerhouse in the backyard.

Once your fire is built there is an included poker with which you can adjust the fuel you are burning be it charcoal or wood. Note that these  whimsical stars and moon cutouts are not only pretty designs but they serve a practical purpose as well and that is to help keep the fire going with airflow coming in from the sides. You can also get your poker through the cutouts to stoke the fire.

Make sure you keep your investment  looking new and lasting longer with the handy cover which can be purchased separately.

Many Happy Customers

Why the popularity of this unit? Some of the general comments will tell you why this is a best seller:


“…we have block parties throughout the year…”

“…can take the smallest or biggest fires you want…”

“…quality item through and through…”

“…welll constructed, solid…”

”…this product is huge!..”

“..assembly was a breeze…”


“…chipping paint…”.

The solution to this is that this unit is not powder coated so touch ups will be required with inexpensive high heat paint.

Complaints however were very few and far between such as it does not come with a cooking grate but this can be easily remedied of course by purchasing one that will suit your needs from the many options available.

A Word From the Editor:

Note that we have personally examined this unit. The guage or thickness of the steel is thicker than average compared to other brands or similar value. What we like about this fire pit is that it is very sturdy and well constructed for the price. The fact that you can have small and large fires is a big plus for parties of varying sizes. Great good value for the money.

What Is the Warranty?

One year limited warranty. This covers manufacturers defects.

Where Can You Buy the 28905 Super Sky Fire Pit?

Take a look at the Landmann USA Super Sky fire pit now at trusted online retailer Amazon. You will quickly see how absolutely beautiful it is. Check it out now and take advantage of the great price and free shipping.

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