Landmann Round Rock Grill, Rotisserie and Fire Pit Review – Heavy Duty and Triple the Fun

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When we’re headed out to the beach or packing for the cottage, it’s important to remember the BBQ gear. That includes all of the food we love to grill and the best sauces around, not to mention the brush, vegetable spray and of course, the portable grill. Although we used to cart along an old tailgate charcoal grill, once we found the Landmann Round Rock Grill, Rotisserie and Fire Pit there was nothing else that would do.

Incredibly versatile and down right pretty, this model also has heavy duty construction and delivers more than just a spot to cook up you favorite BBQ meals.

Landmann Round Rock Grill Rotisserie and Fire Pit

Landmann Round Rock Grill Rotisserie and Fire Pit

Features of the Landmann Round Rock

You’ll be surprised at all of the things that this model can do. Not just for classic camp fare like hamburgers and hot dogs, the Round Rock will have you grilling, cooking a full chicken on the rotisserie and even whipping up a side dish on the handy pot hook. Then, after all of the food is ready, the unit transforms easily into a fully functional fire pit.

Some of the features in this versatile model include:

  • 36 inch or 48 inch fire pit with heavy duty steel construction for the ultimate durability
  • Main grill is adjustable with more than 18 inches of range and easy grasp handles
  • Safety ring around the fire pit can be used for handle or footrest
  • Stainless steel rotisserie with a manual crank and meat hooks
  • Pot hook swings out and comes with smaller accessory grill for side dishes
  • Overall size of the pit is 42.25” height x 43.5” width x 42.25″ depth (36” model)
  • Burns both wood and charcoal

Choose the Best Size For You

Landmann offers this model in two sizes – 36 inch and 48 inch. Based on the amount of grilling that you do and the space in your yard, you can choose the one that suits your needs best. If entertaining is high on your to do list and if you have a large yard, opt for the 48 inch model and cook up something for the whole neighborhood. For normal daily family use, the 36 inch would be plenty big enough.

The Perfect Fire Pit for Cooking and Grilling

There’s nothing better than a tasty grilled meal at the campsite or cottage, but you need a quality camping fire pit to get it ready. Sure, the ingredients are important and you need to know how to cook the meat just right, but success hinges almost entirely on the quality of the grill.

Count on the Landmann Round Rock grill to get you it done right.

This model is easy to set up and even easier to use. When all is said and done, this grill cleans up in a snap. We recommend using the vegetable spray on the grill beforehand, so you can just wipe clean afterward and your grill is ready for another meal.

The Round Rock model  has a decent depth underneath the grill, meaning you’ll get even heat at the right temperature. And the option to use either firewood or charcoal is brilliant. For once we’ve found a fire pit for camping that is just as good for cooking as it is for gazing at the campfire long into the night. The perfect addition to your camping gear and an absolute must have for the cottage or trailer, the Round Rock model by Landmann is a great value for the money.

Rocking Rotisserie

The best permanent grills for your patio include a rotisserie kit for cooking up a larger meal. Handy to have even for a family of two or three, the rotisserie included on the Round Rock model is top quality. Made with stainless steel to resist corrosion and last for years, this feature also comes with handy meat hooks to keep your bird (or whatever you’re roasting) in place and an easy to turn crank handle.

If you’ve never tried rotisserie, don’t worry. Landmann has designed this unit with ease of use in mind. With a little trial and error you’ll be using this feature with fantastic results.

Fantastic Fire Pit for Camping or At Home

We love the features this fire pit delivers that will make camping easier and more fun. But the Round Rock is also perfect for the patio and will be well used in the backyard. Weighing 98lbs and sporting a sturdy handle, this unit is conveniently portable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one for stay-at-home use.

Think about grilling with the kids during those long summer afternoons or enjoying a romantic evening beside the dancing flames. Fire pit cooking never looked so good! : the Landmann model is finished in a beautiful black color and has a simple design that will suit any outdoor decor. Straight lines and a smooth finish make it appeal to your contemporary side, while the grilling features and multi-use capability give this fire pit a traditional feel.

What Reviewers Are Saying About the Landmann Round Rock Grill, Rotisserie and Fire Pit

Consumers who have bought this model can’t help but gush about how wonderful it is to use. Capturing four and half out of  five star ratings consistently, this Landmann model is highly sought after by enthusiastic grillers and campers alike. Here’s what a number of online reviewers have said about this hot item:


  • “Large grilling surface!”
  • “Best grill I ever owned hands down.”
  • “Couldn’t ask for a better unit!!!”
  • “Cooks efficiently”
  • “Good idea. Good Product. “
  • “…I love the height of the grill”
  • “…great fire pit for those chilly nights”
  • “…bought 3 for family.”
  • “…heavy duty and large enough to cook anything”
  • “…easy to assemble”


  • No mesh spark dome. Ensure that wood burning materials are centered to avoid too much embers spilling over and make sure it rests on a non-flammable surface.

Product Warranty

There is no warranty , however the company will stand behind their product  for one year provided that you have proof of purchase.

Where to Buy the Landmann Round Rock Fire Pit

For some of the best deal on camping fire pits, check out Amazon. The Landmann Round Rock grill, rotisserie and fire pit is offered for a great price that should give anyone a chance to have this unit in their yard. Fast shipping and excellent customer service are what you can expect from Amazon. And amazing grilled meals and memories of fireside fun are what you can expect from the Round Rock.

P.S. And out of all the choices of  fire pits for cooking and grilling, we found this model to be not only have all the bells and whistles, but the best value for cooking up a storm.

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