Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moon Fire Pit Review-Unique Celestial Design

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The experience of setting out under the open sky while the stars twinkle and dance, as the moon fills the horizon with its cool glow, is a truly special experience. There are very few things more cozy and inviting than the warmth of a wood fire burning. With our urbanized lives it is hard for us to recreate these special moments, right? The answer to that question would be no. A fire pit is a very urban/suburban solution to this issue.

Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moon Fire Pit,Georgia Clay

Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moon Fire Pit,Georgia Clay

Unique Galactic Designs Impress

The Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moon Fire Pit is a very uniquely crafted fire pit bowl. This piece offers some very useful features. The light emitted from the real wood fire that you will build in it will cast a warm inviting glow.  This unit features cut out screen covered sections shaped like crescent moons and stars. You will like you are setting in the middle of a stellar light show.

The benefits of these whimsical cutouts are threefold:

  • The dancing light from the fire will cast these shapes on the ground like a patterned carpet.
  • These cutouts are not only aesthetic but they allow for airflow to the fire, allowing  for longer lasting flames.
  • You can also stoke the fire through the cutouts.

You can chose from either a Georgia Clay coloring or black finish. Either way this pit is simple and rustically charming.

With its round design the Star and Moon Fire Pit offers a 360 degree view of the fire. Plus with the diameter being a generous 23” you get a lot of light and warmth. It is simple beautiful and versatile.
It’s sturdy metal construction will ensure that it will last a long time.
You can use this pit on any level, non flammable surface such as concrete or stone. Brick also works well for it is flame resistant and would look great with you Star and Moon Fire Pit, in which ever color you chose.

The Uses Are Many

A fire pit is an excellent way to prepare food if it is equipped with a fire grate or grill shelf.

Speaking of a cooking grate, this charcoal and wood burning fire pit comes equipped with an enamel porcelain grate that is perfect for cooking classic camp food such as hotdogs or hamburgers. This full size cooking grate is also perfect for more adventurous fare such as shish kabobs, and even steaks.  One great tip is to cover the grate with grill approved cooking spray to prevent unwanted sticking. The complete outdoor fire experience can be brought in to your back yard.

This pit even has a full diameter handle the purposes of which are many:

  • rest your feet up and warm those toes – the handle never gets hot.
  • for easy moving after the pit has cooled
  • keep the kids from bumping into the fire pit

One of the other features of this great outdoor fire pit are the fact that it comes with a spark screen built in for extra fire protection, and it also comes with its own poker to help you move the hot screen and maintain your fire once you have built it.

A Stars and Moon fire Pit weights about 32 pounds and measures 23” high, 29.5” wide. It comes in 2 depths, 10″ and 12″ deep so that you won’t have a problem holding all that fire wood and keeping the ashes from flying about. Its weight makes it easy to move and therefore very portable.

What Others Are Saying About the 28335/28375 Fire Bowl Models

We found over eighty reviews giving this metal fire bowl an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.


  • “..sturdy construction..”
  • “..easy to assemble..”
  • “..more substantial than most”
  • “..rustic design fits nicely in my wooded setting..”
  • CONS:

    • “ hole for drainage..”
    • “..rusting..”

    To remedy water build up, simply drill a hole in the bottom. To keep it from rusting, keep it covered! A cover of your choice can be purchased separately.  Freshen up rust by using rustoleum paint as this is not powder coated finish. Also remember to follow the directions from the manufacturer and place sand inside:

    • sand will help keep the bottom cool and help insulate the fire pit from the ground whether it be grass or deck
    • by keeping the bottom cool, it will keep the fire burning longer
    • keeps the ash from corroding the fire pit

    The sand will make your fire pit heavy so if you are on the small side you might need to have help in set up or relocation of your fire pit.

    Where Do You Buy This Unique Fire Pit Bowl?

    With the Big Sky Stars and Moon fire pit you will see that it can give you such a wonderful experience with such a gorgeous look, that you might not want to stay inside as much as you once did.

    Take a look at the Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moon Fire Pit right now on Amazon for the best price and be on your way to having it in your own yard to enjoy.

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