Landmann 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit, Wildlife Pattern Review – Rustic Backyard Fun

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Campfires need to be well contained and safe. They should also be a decent size and sturdy enough to take the rigors of heavy logs, high heat flames and anything the weather throws at them. Even when a campfire is set up in your own backyard, these basic characteristics still stand. The Landmann 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit, Wildlife pattern is the ideal fire pit both for the campground and the yard. Find out why this unit has what you need.

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Landmann 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit Wildlife Pattern

Landmann 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit Wildlife Pattern

Features of the Landmann Big Sky Camping Fire Pit

Sporting a distinctive wildlife pattern thanks to the cut out shapes on the sides, this round fire pit is rustic at its best. Other notable features include:

  • Steel construction for optimal strength
  • Circular shape offers a full 360 degree view of the flames
  • Handle runs around the entire circle for convenience and safety (it also acts as an impromptu barrier or safety ring)
  • Full spark screen and heavy poker included
  • Firebowl is 23.5 inches in diameter with full unit spanning 29.5 inches and sitting 23 inches off of the ground
  • Finished in black for an easier clean
  • Full size porcelain grill to keep the firewood up and airflow at maximum levels
  • Attractive wildlife cut outs also contribute to airflow (as well as the outdoorsy appeal)

Safety First

Much of the appeal of this camping fire pit comes from the safety features. A firebowl that is fully covered with a heavy-duty spark screen is just a better choice for all of those that appreciate cuddling up close to the flames. Allowing for safer enjoyment of the fire, this spark screen also makes clean up easier. Use the poker that is included to manage the firewood as well.

Then there is the handle, a steel ring that circles the entire fire bowl. Ultra convenient for packing up the unit or moving it from the truck to the campsite, this handle also acts as an effective barrier. Getting too close to the hot fire bowl will result in burns and injuries. Even this thin ring will help avoid some of those problems, transforming them into close calls and warning those nearby that they are indeed too close.

Sturdy Construction

Landmann USA is known for a full line of quality outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. A German company that began manufacturing barbecues back in the nineteenth century, this firm expanded into the European and American market and settled down in the USA to sell high quality, well made BBQs. They have since made a name for themselves in the outdoor fire pit market and now sell a full line of products centering around our enjoyment of the outdoors – both in the backyard and at the campground.

Landmann chose to use steel for the construction of their Big Sky Fire Pit. Impervious to high heat and durable in all sorts of weather, steel is an excellent choice for the walls, legs and other components of this portable camping fire pit. Besides being a good choice for strength, steel also allows for easy assembly. The tubular steel legs are simply attached to the 23.5 inch diameter firebowl and set on a level, non-combustible surface (patio stones work well, as does a well-packed dirt surface or a concrete pad). The steel spark screen fits right over top once the fire has been set up and lit. In only a few easy steps your campfire can be roaring away while you watch and enjoy comfortably.

Convenient Components

In order to look forward to a decent fire you must have the proper components. A well built fire pit is one and seasoned, dry firewood is another. But the set up of these logs in the fire pit is key and the Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit makes that ideal set up easier.

A full size porcelain grate laid across the bottom of the firebowl will hold those logs steady. By keeping them off of the bottom of the bowl this grate maintains a better flow of air – one of the main ingredients in fire along with fuel (firewood). Then Landmann has added the cut outs on the side of the firebowl. Not just for a nice decorative touch, these cut outs also serve to feed air into the bowl and help create higher, hotter flames.

You’ll be surprised at how much better your fire looks when burning in a fire pit like this. A hole in the ground simply won’t cut it, so when you want an impressive campfire no matter where you are the Landmann Big Sky pit is the way to go.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying About the Landmann Wildlife Steel Fire Pit

Many of the reviewers mentioned the ease of assembly and the spark screen as the leading features of this model. Others appreciated the depth of the bowl (deeper when compared to others in this price range) and still others mentioned that the quality was more than they expected. With a very reasonable price tag and ideal safety and convenience features, the Landmann Big Sky received big points from our reviewers. In fact 4.5 out of 5 on the average. Here’s what a few others had to say:


  • “…the perfect size for our back yard, it is aesthetically pleasing, and it roasts a mean marshmallow.”
  • “…animal outlines on the sides of the pit are just beautiful in the darkness.”
  • “Yeah for summertime fun!”
  • “Does great out in the weather.”
  • “The pit drafts very well…I start the fire with just one wadded full sheet of newspaper. Charcoal lighter fluid is unneccessary.”
  • “…a nicely made, decent sized fire pit that was worth the money on the first time using it. I highly recommend!”
  • “Brings home that family camping experience in our backyard. Great product.”


  • “The pit itself comes almost totally assembled. Attaching the legs is the only thing required.”

Where To Buy the Landmann Big Sky Portable Fire Pit for Camping

Whether you are looking for the perfect camping fire pit or simply want to set it up in the backyard for good, the Landmann 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit Wildlife Pattern model is a great choice. And has highly competitive prices combined with super fast shipping and trusted customer service. You could shop around, but why bother? This fire pit from Amazon is guaranteed to be a fantastic deal the whole family will love. Order one today.

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