Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Ring Review – Super Portable Fun

| November 17, 2011 | 3 Comments

There’s something universally appealing about a campfire cookout. No matter how old the people are gather around it, a campfire is relaxing and ultra comfortable not to mention just plain fun. And now with the Landmann USA Big Sky fire ring you can have easy, safer campfires for cooking wherever you are. And that makes for better trips and bigger memories.

Landmann USA 28325 Big Sky Fire Ring Stars and Moon Design in Black

Features of the Landmann Big Sky Fire Ring

Nothing too fancy, the function and clever design of this fire pit cooker are nothing to scoff about. Check out the incredible features outlined here:

  • Solidly built out of cast iron material that is 4mm thick
  • Measures 28 inches in diameter and offers full circle viewing for a number of friends with that size
  • Includes attractive cut outs that do double duty to help distribute air into the camping fire pit
  • Completely portable with knock down design that present five folding sections for convenience
  • Wonderful enamel cooking grate attached using a pivot arm that allows for more luxurious (and yet still simple) camp food

Perfect for a Crowd or Solitude

The size of this Landmann USA Big Sky fire pit is ideal for camping with a crowd. A full 28 inch diameter can easily warm a good sized group gather around the circle for a night of flames and fun.

But this attractive black fire ring cooker is also perfectly suitable for the backyard with just you and the moon and stars for company. That’s because set up and take down is a breeze with the Landmann design. Five panels come apart for transport and the unit will fit easily into your trunk for a take anywhere treat. Bring it to the neighborhood cook out and have it set up in your own yard again the very next day – there is little to no waiting time.

Dependable and Solid Cast Iron

You’ll get years of cooking enjoyment from this fire pit thanks to a full 4mm thick cast iron wall. Countless fires can be enjoyed in a ring of that size and with trendy cutouts (perfect for optimal air flow during burn time) this portable camping fire pit will never go out of style. Choose between a sun, stars and moon design or charming wildlife cutouts.

The cast iron has a good weight to it, meaning your fire ring won’t get blown around or moved easily once set up. But in reality it’s still less than 50 lbs, so you’ll have no problem carting it around. Truly portable and a perfect piece of cooking equipment for any location (from the beach to the campground, backyard or park), this cast iron fire ring is ready for awesome grilling action.

Grill Attachment Gets Used

Not only will you love a simple campfire in the Landmann USA ring, but dinner or late night snacks are a breeze as well. Use the pivoting enamel-coated cooking grate for everything you need for a true camping chow down. It’s full sized (covering almost the entire unit) and includes a wooden handle for better control and movement. You’ll find the campfire even more enjoyable when your favorite meal is roasting up over the open flames thanks to this handy grill attachment.

What Reviewers Are Saying About the Landmann USA 28325 Big Sky Fire Ring

This best selling product, much like all of the other Landmann USA models, has gotten good reviews – five out five stars and highly recommended ratings. Some people seemed surprised that they loved it so much, but that didn’t stop comments like these from rolling in:


  • “the high sides with decorative cutouts are great…”
  • “… couldn’t be easier to assemble.”
  • “… more than satisfying.”
  • “… very heavy and very well built.”
  • “We cook over this with a cast iron dutch oven and it rocks!”


  • none by any reviewers but this may require touch up later with high heat paint to keep it fresh looking.

Where To Buy This Portable Camping Fire Ring

You can find fire rings at the big box department stores and hardware store locations around the country. But this level of quality is almost nonexistent there. You’ll need to visit Amazon to order this fire ring and look forward to superior speeds in shipping and a generous discount. It’s not enough to actually have the best products, has rock bottom prices you’ll have a hard time beating anywhere.

Check out the Landmann USA Big Sky fire ring and think about all of the precious moments you’ll spend with your favorite group of friends or family for a great night of campfire cooking.
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