Landmann USA Halo Fire Pit Review: Simply Affordable

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Sometimes a simple design delivers the very best performance. When it comes to fire pits for camping or setting up in your backyard, the Landmann USA Halo fire pit offers a straightforward design and ultra affordable price tag that’s difficult to turn down. If you’re looking for a fully functional, safe and attractive place to enjoy a wood burning fire, this model could be perfect.

Halo Fire Pit 28240 by Landmann USA

Landmann USA 28240 Halo Fire Pit

Features of the Landmann 28240 Halo Steel Fire Pit

This simple outdoor fire pit offers more than you may expect, with all of the features you need for hours of relaxation, including:

  • Round design provides a great view of the fire no matter what side you’re on
  • Spark guard mesh cover comes with handy removal hook
  • Protective ring stretches all the way around and doubles as a sturdy handle
  • Durable steel construction
  • Poker included and doubles as tool to remove spark guard
  • Fire bowl is 23.5” in diameter
  • Unit is 28.5” in diameter and sits 17” high
  • Weighs only 16lbs. – perfect for portability

Goes Anywhere

One of the major benefits of this fire pit is the portability. At only 16 pounds and sporting a strong handle, this unit can easily go with you to the cabin, cottage or campground.

Never worry about cleaning up the onsite fire pit again, digging out a hole or finding a clean location on the beach. With Landmann’s 28240 Halo model you can build a beautiful, safe fire in any outdoor location.

The steel design cleans up in a cinch, once the ashes and any leftover charcoal has been removed. Simply bury those ashes where it’s convenient, wipe out the fire bowl with a clean rag and you’re ready to pack it into the vehicle. A painted black finish hides rust well and can be touched up using high quality BBQ paint.

Many people purchase a matching fire pit cover to protect this unit from corrosion. By keeping the moisture off of the steel you can slow down inevitable rusting, and covers make taking this unit along on vacation even easier.

What Can You Burn

This is a wood burning fire pit, although charcoal will work just fine. The package does not include a grill, but you can still cook up some marshmallows or hot dogs on a roasting stick.

Use proper kindling and dried, seasoned firewood for the most efficient burn. Firestarter fluid can be used to ignite the flames, but always be safe and follow the instructions. Put the spark guard in place while the flames are lit and use the hook on the end of the included poker to remove the guard while reloading wood or charcoal.

Where To Set Up the Pit

Three tubular legs hold the fire bowl steady. Sitting 17” off of the ground, this round fire pit offers excellent views to everyone gather around. It’s not especially large, but the bowl is deep enough to hold a few decent sized logs providing a relaxing evening of warmth.

The manufacturer recommends this unit be set up on a flat, noncombustible surface. Patio slabs, a concrete pad or asphalt work well and provide the stability required for fire pits. The spark guard prevents pesky ashes and hot sparks from jumping around while the fire is burning, but the noncombustible base is always required to prevent dangerous situations.

Use some sand in the bottom to make the pit last longer and to insulate it from the ground.

Assembly Instructions

Putting this model together is fairly straightforward. The legs are screwed into the bottom of the fire bowl first. Three legs create a stable base that can handle quite a load of wood.

The ring around the fire bowl is attached and provides a convenient handle for carrying the unit.

The spark guard basically comes in one piece, although the hook may need to be attached with screws (included). You’ll also find a poker in the box, handy for managing the logs during a fire and lifting the hot spark guard off when necessary.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying About Landmann’s Halo

Buyers love this affordable unit, and their reviews prove it. Here’s a sampling at what consumers are saying about the Halo model 28240:

  • “The fire pit is awesome.”
  • “This little workhorse of a fire pit yields both excellent s’mores and excellent conversations.”
  • “…it works wonderfully”
  • “…big enough for a nice little fire in the back yard.”
  • “…just what I wanted, the quality is excellent and the right size I need.”
  • “Very satisfied.”
  • “This is sturdy, large and made to last because it is very solid.”
  • “Excellent quality…”

Where To Buy the Halo Portable Camping Fire Pit

This fire pit is priced to sell on the manufacturer’s website- it is the perfect choice for those on a limited budget and who may want an upgrade in a few more years. It may also be available at local retailers, but for the very best price and super fast shipping check out Amazon. Shipped in the original box and available at a generous discount, the Landmann USA Halo fire pit is an excellent purchase at Amazon. Get additional units to give away as gifts – as soon as your friends and family see your new fire pit they’re sure to want one, too.

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