The Gas Can by Campfire In A Can Review – Uniquely Cool and Convenient

| November 19, 2011 | 3 Comments


Are you looking for a patio fire pit that is ultra convenient? Or maybe a portable campfire that will impress your friends and family? Either way (and for many other reasons), the Gas Can by Campfire In A Can is exactly what you need this season. Buy it for a gift if you like, but not before getting one for yourself. Trust us when we say that this outdoor and completely portable camping fire pit is a fantastic buy.

Gas Can by Campfire In A Can

Features of the Gas Can

The name might put you off, but this unit by Campfire In A Can is much more than just a Gas Can. Packed full of convenient features, impressive power and the efficiency you want, this portable unit is a full-fledged patio fire pit that will deliver flames to keep you warm, cozy and enthralled. Check out these features:

  • Amazing power of up to 64,000 BTUs with fully adjustable flame control
  • One piece log set for ease of transport and attractive presentation
  • Runs on propane and includes a 10 foot hose and regulator tucked awy inside the lid
  • RV attachment also available for simple hook up to your RV’s propane
  • Burner designed with 3 spokes
  • Aluminum canister makes a fantastic stand for the campfire and doubles as an effective cover for portability – the handle folds nicely away as well
  • Cooking grate is removable and ideal for pots, pans or whatever
  • Lightweight at just under 15 lbs
  • 10 1/4″ high x 14 3/4″ in diameter
  • Tested to CSA Standards and the ONLY patio fire pit to boast a ZERO CLEARANCE to COMBUSTIBLES – meaning you can put this unit right on your wood deck or patio without worry

Portability You Can Rely On

Sometimes a camping fire pit is marketed as a portable pit merely because you could pack it up, store it and set it up again somewhere else. But some of these units are heavy and difficult to handle. They may have loose, fragile parts that are easy to break in transit (and often costly to replace). Some of them are even a pain to get ignited again at the campsite, meaning you are not likely to even consider bringing them along.

Not the Campfire in a Can.

This unit is exactly what you think of in terms of portability. All of the components fit together well to allow for easy transport. It’s lightweight and compact enough to fit in the trunk of your car (and still leave plenty of room for all of the other gear). The log set is one piece, meaning there are no loose logs that tend to rub together, crack or break. And the innovative stand slides right into an aluminum canister that works perfectly as a cover (for portability) or an impromptu stand to keep the flames a bit higher. Even the handle for this sturdy cover will fold away.

Beat the Ban

Have you ever unloaded at a campground, ready for a delicious meal of your favorite camp food cooked over the flames, only to find out that a campfire ban is in place? All of your vacation dreams float away on the wind. But with the Gas Can unit there are no worries.  Tested to CSA standards, this camping fire pit can be used in almost any location where campfire bans reign supreme.

Simply hook it up to a portable propane tank (or use the RV coupler to hook it easily into your existing propane system) and the flames are ready to go. Cook dinner and snacks or just gaze at the flames. The log set and burner deliver superior views and a truly realistic setting. Beware – you may never go back to wood burning campfires again!

And this unit comes equipped with a removable cooking grate, placing those hot dogs or fresh fish just above the flames. Wash it up easily afterward and marvel at how simple it is to pack everything away at the end of the trip. Can’t bring in firewood because of a pest problem? Don’t want to pay the exorbitant prices for firewood on the campground? Bring along the CIAC (Campfire In A Can) and you won’t need to fret over a thing, just enjoy the camping atmosphere along with the convenience of this intelligent and inclusive unit.

Power Packed

Many portable camping fire pits use propane to fuel the flames. But how many of those come equipped with the power to pump out 64,000 BTUs? With the fully adjustable control valve you can have high heat for those hamburgers and lower, more subtle flames for the all night ghost stories. However you like it and for whatever reason, the Gas Can gives you the features and function to make the perfect campfire – all without the mess and stink of smoke or the hassle and expense of firewood.

Ideas for Backyard Usage

Watch this video so that you get get some great ideas how to use this fire pit on the patio or deck.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying About the Campfire In A Can

Tell you the truth, it’s hard to find a reviewer who didn’t like this unit. With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, we gave it two enthusiastic thumbs up. Here’s what some of the other reviewers out there had to say:


  • “Great campfire!”
  • “… looks and feels like an actual fire.”
  • “… it puts out a lot of heat.”
  • “… a must have for all you campers…”
  • “… I am so amazed by this family company.” (this reviewer had loads to say about the CIAC people and the excellent service they offered… even before she received the unit!)


  • None that we could find


This campfire unit could be considered the best of the rest – the Cadillac of propane camping fire pits. One of the reasons being you can take it anywhere – just try it out on the deck – an installation that is possible because of the zero clearance to combustibles design. This unit is in the pricier range but  if you are looking for a fire pit that has all the bells and whistles and it is within your budget this is the unit to choose.

Video Testimonials for this Amazing Unit

Here are but 2 of many testimonials. Their customers are very happy indeed! Here is the proof!

Where To Buy the Gas Can by Campfire In A Can

Good quality portable campfires with this type of design and construction are not inexpensive and not readily available at the local big box store. Invest in something you will use time after time with no hassles and amazing success – put your money on the Gas Can by Campfire In A Can. And pick it up at where you’ll find the best prices and super speedy delivery. Need it for an upcoming trip? Buy now and you won’t be disappointed, then pick up another one for the greatest Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or birthday gift ever.
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