FMI Brands Inc Ban Buster Portable Propane Campfire Review

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You know the setting – your family is relaxing in a peaceful, picturesque forest, camping gear all around and plenty of laughing and conversation floating through the air. The only thing that would make this scene any better is a rousing campfire where you could roast marshmallows and spend the evening snuggled close. But you’ve been told there is a campfire ban, news that puts a distinct damper on your fun family vacation. The FMI Brands Inc Ban Buster Portable Propane Campfire is just the thing you need to make your camping or RV trip the best it can be.

FMI Brands Inc Ban Buster Portable Propane Campfire

FMI Brands Inc Ban Buster Portable Propane Campfire

Features of the Ban Buster Portable Camping Fire Pit

This little unit has surprising power and a stellar design that you can appreciate almost as much as the convenience the fire pit delivers. Check out these handy features of a campfire that flame up even when a ban is restricting your fun:

  • Made from Galvanized Steel with a durable powder coated finish
  • Perfectly portable with two handles and a self-contained design
  • Offers a smoke-free and ultra clean burn for your pleasure
  • 19″ diameter x 11″ high with a weight of 25 lb.
  • Uses a typical 20 lb propane tank
  • Pumps out 29,000 BTUs for even heat and easy cooking
  • Comes with a wind diffuser for more dependable flames and ceramic logs for a grander appearance
  • Lid, rack and 10 foot propane hose included as well
  • Fully approved by the CSA for use as a grill and a portable campfire

Impressive Design

What makes this portable propane camping fire pit so special? Besides the care and detail that has obviously gone into the design, the Ban Buster Propane Campfire is incredibly handy for travel and efficient for cooking. You won’t have any hassles from the park staff who are enforcing a campfire ban and won’t need to pack anything extra for ignition. Even if there is no ban in sight, why lug around messy firewood when you can have a campfire easily with this unit?

FMI Brands Inc worked hard to get this camping fire pit just right. The T-burner has been placed in the center to ensure the maximum flame is presented – both for heat and appearance. And you’ll need to use the wind diffuser if there is a strong breeze; it helps to keep the flames even and steady for the optimum cooking. There’s even a variable flow valve included to ensure you can get the flame that’s perfect for your needs, whether you’re grilling fresh fish or telling ghost stories.

Portable or For the Backyard

Although we love this portable fire pit for camping trips and even summer picnics, there’s nothing wrong with setting it up in the backyard and having a season full of family fun around the fire. The two handles on the side make carting it around simple and the lid keeps things neat and tidy – whether on the patio or on the campsite.

Simply hook up a propane tank and put this unit to good use making a snack, roasting s’mores or simply creating a relaxing setting for your gang of friends and family. It’s totally self-contained and can be set up in a flash on a relatively flat surface with a 20lb tank nearby. Count on the 29,000 BTUs of heat to be sufficient for your grilling needs and the adjustable flame to be perfect for setting the mood.

Why Is It Called the Ban Buster?

We’ve all been there – headed out on a camping trip at the very time of year when the drought and climate conditions make campfires a forbidden event on many campsites across the country. With the portability and design of the FMI Brands Ban Buster Campfire you can enjoy the heat and beauty of flames without the need to worry about bans.

There is a stamp of CSA approval on the Ban Buster, making it perfectly acceptable for use as a grill or as a campfire. Most campsites will require this minimum level of safety rating that the Ban Buster delivers. By including all of the necessary parts to make your experience safe and easy, FMI Brands has earned the right to call their product the Ban Buster – it really will dispel all of your disappointment about campfire bans and allow you to have the trip you’ve always dreamed of.

What Other Reviewers Had To Say About the FMI Brands Ban Buster Campfire

We gave this unit an enthusiastic thumbs up and a definite five star rating. It has everything going for it and carries a very affordable price tag in the bargain. Other reviewers agreed, adding comments like these:

  • “Great product!”
  • “…hit of the party.”
  • ” Gave off enough heat to keep us warm…”
  • “Five out of five stars.”
  • “…on all night!”
  • “Now a campfire is easy, anytime, anywhere!”

Where To Buy the Ban Buster Portable Camping Fire Pit

This unit is an excellent value for your money and there is no better place to pick it up than at Expect fast shipping, easy and secure payments and the customer service you need at this online retailer. You aren’t likely to find it any cheaper, although it’s worth much more on your camping trips than the sticker price says. Beat the campfire ban and enjoy your vacations more with the FMI Brands Inc Ban Buster Portable Propane Campfire. You’ll never miss another night of grilled treats and warm flames again.

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