Hotspot Fire Sense Revolver Solid-Base Fire Pit Review – Contemporary & Solid Styling

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The beauty and comfort of a campfire are not exclusive to a rustic atmosphere. If you have a flare for the modern life and thrive on contemporary styling it doesn’t mean you can’t also sit back and relax in front of a blazing campfire. It just means that you’ll need to find the right unit to do so. Luckily the Hotspot Fire Sense Revolver Solid-Base Fire Pit is available to complement your style.

Hotspot FireSense Revolver Solid Base Fire Pit with Grill and Hardwood top

Hotspot FireSense 60532 Revolver Solid Base Fire Pit with Grill and Hardwood top

Features of the Hotspot Fire Sense 60532 Revolver Solid-Base Fire Pit

Made from solid materials in a fresh, clean style, this multifunctional wood and charcoal burning fire pit has all of the power you need presented in an attractive package. But you can also enjoy state of the art features that help this little unit deliver a big impression both when the flames are lit and when they are out. Features like:

  • Black powder-coated steel fire bowl with an ingenious internal fire cage to protect the finish
  • At less than 40 pounds it is  sturdy and stable but still portable
  • Heavy grill grate included for easy meal prep
  • Portable and perfect for compact outdoor spaces such as apatment or rooftop terraces
  • Over 1 ” thick Hardwood top inserts easily to convert this unit into a handy patio table
  • 23 2/3” in diameter x 14 3/8” high

Keeping the Image Up

Contemporary European styling is very hot on the patio. Wooden decks and stone patios work well with this trend and the casual comfort is a favorite of every generation. You can find plenty of patio furniture and décor items that suit the style perfectly, but the Hotspot Fire Sense revolving model is one of the only fire pits that stays true to modern styling.

A round base sits solidly on your patio and the circular crown (which holds the flames) turns for easy loading and optimum comfort. We love how it looks so simple, yet the design delivers an amazing fire view from almost any position.

Built For Years of Comfort

This British design may be modern, but the construction and design are absolutely built to last. Solid steel heavier guage makes up the most of it, with a powder-coated finish that is durable and attractive in matte black. Most contemporary fashions are solid in color like this model, intended to allow for a peaceful atmosphere that’s also perfect for accenting the smaller items on your patio.

A heavy grill grate awaits whatever culinary pleasures you can throw at it. You will love grilling hot dogs and s’mores – you might like steak fillets and fresh fish. Whatever your taste in food is the sturdy grill is ready for action. And easy to clean when all is said and done.

Worried about having a fire pit in the yard with little ones and small pets running around? Although nothing replaces diligent and responsible use of the fire pit, a strong domed spark screen helps to make the area safer for those cuddled close and wandering kids and pets.

Best (and Most Unique) Feature: Multifunctionality

By far the best feature of this fire pit is the hardwood tabletop insert. With this magical piece of high quality hardwood you can transform your fire pit (once cooled) into a stylish and handy side table  or cocktail table. Having an all day pool party? Set out some drinks on the hardwood table by day and then clear it off and enjoy the sparkling flames all night. What could be better?

It’s all designed to be portable and coming in under 40 lbs, Hotspot Fire Sense has made it easy to cart this handy unit from place to place. Bring it to the cottage for a stylish change of decor or take it to the party at the resort and have the whole place gawking at this beautiful party centerpiece.

What Reviewers Are Saying About the Revolver Solid-Base Fire Pit

It’s hard to believe that there weren’t countless reviews out there on this product, being as it is so convenient with its dual functions and simply beautiful. But we could only find a few others – although they agreed with our high rating of the product. Assembly may be an issue, but not an insurmountable one. Otherwise, this product gets gold stars all around. Check out what the other reviews said:


  • “Great product”
  • “…it looks and works great.”
  • “…worth the effort (to assemble)”
  • “Four stars…”

P.S. I have personally seen this unit myself and it is a solid compact unit. I recommend it highly.

Warranty Information

This unit comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, allowing you the peace of mind you want with a product that will see this much use. It’s affordable, to be sure, and bound to be used night after night – if not as a fire pit, certainly as a patio side table.

Where To Buy the Hotspot 60532 Revolver Fire Bowl by Fire Sense

Although you’ll find this popular model at many different locations in store and online, there is perhaps no better place to pick it up than at There you’ll find a decent price and excellent customer service along with quick, reliable shipping. Modern, stylish and totally durable the Hotspot Fire Sense Revolver Solid-Base Fire Pit is the perfect addition to your patio, no matter how big or small it is. And Amazon is the place to get it.

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