Fire Sense Stainless Steel Cocktail Fire Pit Review – The Undeniable Strength of Steel

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For exterior applications that require strength and durability nothing beats the strength of stainless steel. The ultimate in corrosion resistance, we love how stainless delivers a striking appearance on the patio and also has numerous hidden benefits for the backyard devotee. Gorgeous and tough, we can’t get enough of this modern and contemporary material in our own yards. And the Fire Sense stainless steel cocktail fire pit is the perfect addition to your patio. 

The ideal size for any gathering, this outdoor fire pit bowl has a great design and a classic appearance. Modern and striking in one sense and traditionally styled in another, Fire Sense has presented an outdoor patio fire pit that will suit every backyard with a price tag that will suit any budget. 


Fire Sense Steel Cocktail Fire Pit

Outstanding Beauty

The cocktail fire pit is just over 31 inches high and sits on a decoratively styled steel base. This frame is powder coated in black for better durability and holds up a 30 inch diameter bowl. The perfect size for backyard bonfires of any size – ranging from a neighborhood bash to a romantic rendezvous – this bowl is finished in hammered stainless steel for a textured, interesting look. The design style is a sure fit for most traditional homes. 

We love the wide lip that adorns the outer edge of the solid stainless steel fire pit. The bowl also boasts a decent depth that allows for a nice profile. Scrolled legs give the base a bit of a twist that almost surprises you, but nothing takes away from the beautiful fire bowl where bright flames dance off of the shiny finish. 

Features At a Glance

The Fire Sense stainless steel fire pit is a super value with a host of must have features like: 

  • solid stainless steel bowl measuring 30 inches in diameter
  • black powder coated frame for durability and a stunning contrast
  • one piece spark arrestor lid coated with high heat paint
  • weighs just over 20 lbs. for ease of portability

Safety and Convenience Are Included As Well

Not just a pretty face, the cocktail fire pit by Fire Sense is also built strong. It includes safety features that make using fire pits much easier and more convenient. The domed fire screen is one piece and coated with high temperature paint for extreme durability. This feature allows you to gather worry free around the flames, blocking any jumping sparks and flying ash. 

Most Desired Extras

Our favorite tool that came with this pit is helps you to easily lift the screen off when loading logs and starting the fire are required. You’ll appreciate the addition of a wood grate along the bottom of the bowl, included to create the optimal air flow within the unit, resulting in a burn that is more complete and produces less smoke and emissions. You can also use charcoal in these fire pits, ideal for roasting marshmallows, campfire hot dogs and other tasty goodies. 

Another nice surprise was the price. Despite the high end quality and striking beauty of this outdoor décor piece, the Fire Sense model is very well priced. It can be found for less than $100, which makes it affordable for many homes. On the patio, the porch or out in the yard, this fire pit  bowl will create the cozy mood and atmosphere you’re searching for. And it will also be dependable and durable no matter what the weather. 

What the Reviewers Are Saying About this Fire Sense Cocktail Fire Pit

While almost all reviewers comment on the value of this model, there is plenty more to say in its favor. Things like: 


  • “…works great and looks good on the deck.”
  • “Easy to put together.”
  • “…just the right size for a smaller yard.”
  • “…decorative, functional and fun to gather friends around.”
  • “I love it!”
  • “…really easy to use.”


Some reviewers noted that this product seemed flimsy, but others found it sturdy enough. It’s intended to be moved around the patio as needed and we found that, for the price point, the stainless steel cocktail fire pit was plenty strong enough. If you’re looking for something heavier and sturdier you are going to have to spend more money. 

Some also said that the fire pit was too small – only because all of their friends and family were competing for a spot beside the flames! Our recommendation is to get two or three and place them strategically around the patio for that big party. One will do a small family just fine, but when a crowd is coming and you want to give everyone a chance to fully appreciate this Fire Sense fire pit, set up another one. 

Why Buy Fire Sense Fire Pits From Wayfair

A leader in online retailing, Wayfair is a safe and easy place to pick up Fire Sense fire pits and dress up the backyard. With excellent customer service and generous discounts, you’ll find the best deal on this model that consumers are calling a “great value.” As good looking as the fancy models and as tough as the strongest units, the Fire Sense Stainless Steel cocktail fire pit is just what you need in your backyard. Look for quick shipping from Wayfair and have it set up on the patio in no time. You’ll be amazed at the quality and durability this unit delivers. 

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