Fire Sense HotSpot Urban 650 Fire Pit – A Striking Patio Focal Point

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Creating an outdoor room on your deck or patio will encourage you to spend more time in the great outdoors. Be healthier, happier people by getting plenty of fresh air and family time in your outdoor living space. It’s essential to include a focal point in your exterior decor and the Fire Sense HotSpot Urban 650 fire pit is the ideal choice.

Striking design combines with durable construction to provide the very best fire pit for your patio. Large enough for a crowd and small enough to fit snugly amid your furniture, this firepit appeals to both contemporary and more traditional tastes.

Fire Sense Hotspot Urban 650 Fire Pit

Stunning Urban Steel

A compact HotSpot Urban models, the 650 is a generous 24.82 inches in diameter. That space can hold even a large supply of logs and keep a cozy fire burning for hours. It also works well for more intimate, romantic fires that are built for two. Sitting at 18.9 inches high, this Fire Sense fire pit is designed to rest between seating much like a table.

Attractive black legs with sturdy flat feet keep the bowl stable and provide open space underneath. This allows for more radiant heat in your outdoor space.This wood burning model is made from pressed steel with the addition of strong stainless steel. Count on the corrosion-resistant stainless to provide years of enjoyment and the durability of pressed steel to take the heat of even the largest fires.

Safety Features and Excellent Accessories

This Fire Sense Urban fire bowl comes with fantastic features that make them more useful and safer for your family. The domed spark screen protects the surroundings from flying sparks and ash. It also allows you to get nice and close to the flames, basking in the comfortable heat and distinct atmosphere. Covered with high temperature paint, the screen is durable and doesn’t intrude on your view of the dancing flames.

A stainless steel ring built around the perimeter of the Urban fire bowl is designed for the optimum safety (and portability). Keep curious hands and feet away from the dangerous heat of the bowl and admire this stunning visual accent.For a tasty twist on this firepit, check out the hinged cooking grill. The 5mm bars are perfect for grilling everything from camp fare to gourmet food and the convenient hinged side allows you to tend the flames during dinner prep.

Fire Sense units are well designed in the U.S.A. with your climate and lifestyle in mind. Thoughtful accessories such as the cooking grill on top and ash collector on the base make this an even smarter investment for your patio. The combination steel construction is built to last and the space age appearance is modern and striking.

Design your outdoor living space with a truly impressive focal point. The Fire Sense HotSpot Urban 650 fire pit will provide countless hours of warmth and cozy atmosphere. It’s also a beautiful centerpiece for your furniture set up and an ideal spot to cook up a summer feast. Order one as a gift and get a second one for yourself. This fire pit is priced right and can be found at quality online retailers. It’s the perfect completion for your outdoor space.

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