Corral Easy Access Spark Screen

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There is nothing like being able to cuddle up with your honey outdoors in the evening in front of a crackling fire. This is even better when the fire is built in a beautiful Corral brand fire pit. Everything is nice until a spark jumps out and catches something nearby on fire. Or else, a brand can float up in the air and settle on you, your loved one, or your blankets. This is a horrible thing to have to consider, but it is a reality that must be faced. With fire comes the opportunity for accident.

Corral Easy Access Spark Screen

Corral Easy Access Spark Screen

This is where the Corral Easy Access Spark Screen comes in as being indispensible. Made to fit various Corral brand products this screen is just what you need to keep everyone safe from the hazard of being burned. Take for example if you are having a cookout and there are young children around. You definitely wouldn’t want to take a chance on them getting close and having a spark get them.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing that the risk of burns is greatly reduced is more than worth what little this product costs. The screen also has an easy access opening so that adding more wood is done in a safe yet simple matter. The screen does not detract from the overall look of the fire pit however. This should be an important point; that safety and beauty can still go hand in hand.

Corral Safety

These spark screens come in several different sizes that can fit a wide variety of Corral fire pits. The different size screens as well as the models that they fit are:

  • The 30″ spark screen which is compatible with models AD112, AD112-S, AD286, AD251, AD245, AD264-S
  • The 35″ spark screen which is compatible with models AD115, AD115-S
  • The 40″ spark screen which is compatible with model AD114

Interestingly the diameters of the various spark screens is less than that of the fire pit itself. This helps to ensure that the screen stays firmly in place and will not shift off of the pit. The screen for the thirty inch Corral fire pit is only twenty four inches in diameter. The same can be said for the other sizes of screens as well. Each one is roughly seven to ten inches smaller than the diameter of the fire pit it matches.

This attention to such safety related detail goes to show Corral’s commitment to its customers. Not only is the company committed to providing the best product at the most affordable price, it is also committed to keeping its products as safe as conceivably possible. How is that for customer service and care?

Buying a Corral Easy Access Spark Screen is like making an investment in your family’s safety. Why take unnecessary risks when there is a product out there that can keep everyone safe and well? Click here for more info on how to get your spark screen today, to get great pricing, and to take advantage of the free shipping!


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