Corral Celestial Steel Dome Fireplace Review – Affordable and Fun

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Pagoda fireplaces are perfect for families, providing the fun and adventure of a backyard fire without the mess of an open, permanent fire pit. They’re also safer, which makes them the leading choice for so many parents and grandparents across the country. We’ve found a pagoda-style outdoor fireplace that’s sure to add a touch of fun to your backyard without draining your bank account. The Corral Celestial Steel Dome fireplace is a great choice for patios small and large and will bring your family together night after night for good old fashioned fun.

A solid design and playful decoration make this model an excellent choice. Built with the same quality materials that all Corral fireplaces have, the steel dome model also has a host of benefits that every mom and dad will appreciate.

Corral Celestial Dome Fireplace

Enclosed for Safety

Have you ever enjoyed the flames of a fireplace only to be distracted by worry that your little one would get hurt by blowing sparks and ash? This steel dome outdoor fireplace eliminates that worry for you. The 26 inch diameter fire pit is completely enclosed with a spark screen that opens easily for log loading. You can sit back and admire the flames without worrying about your little one – although proper safety precautions obviously need to be followed.

A Clean Burn

The cute moon and star cut outs on this backyard chiminea fire pit were the first things we noticed about this model. But they add more than just a sense of celestial fun. These designs cut from the steel fire bowl actually provide the air flow needed for a better burn, which will cut down on emissions and smoke and increase your enjoyment of this fireplace.

A log rack on the bottom of the fire bowl will also contribute to the air flow, as well as making clean up easier. Separating the ashes from the seasoned logs or charcoal used for fuel, the log rack is solid and durable and an essential part of the fireplace design.

Practical Steel Roof

The domed lid on this Corral model is another feature that is both practical and attractive. Designed with a roof and short chimney, the fireplace will direct smoke up and away from the viewers and create a much more enjoyable flame experience. Sitting at 29.5 inches high, this outdoor patio fireplace is large enough for the whole family and small enough to fit nicely into any typical suburban backyard.

We thought the slick dome gave this outdoor fireplace a more modern look as well, although the simple shape allows it to fit well into any decor. The whole unit has a matte, steel color that is easy to take care of. At only 25lbs., it’s even portable and simple to move around in your backyard or wherever the mood strikes. A handy storage cover is also included with this package, allowing you to keep the fireplace clean and protected when not in use.

This steel fireplace is not just fun, the price tag is also manageable for the average family and the time you’ll spend together in the backyard is invaluable. Check out these impressive safety and reliability features that make the Celestial model ideal for families:

  • fully enclosed by a spark screen
  • cut outs and log rack make for a better, cleaner burn with less smoke and emissions
  • 26” diameter size is a great size for smaller suburban patios and will still pump out enough heat for the whole family
  • steel roof adds more protection and directs the smoke up and away from those gathered around

Where Do You Buy this Chiminea Fire Pit?

Invest in some quality time in the backyard with the Corral Celestial Steel Dome fireplace, available at quality online retailer Wayfair. A great discount and free shipping are just a few of the benefits shopping online for this fireplace will deliver. There’s also valuable peace of mind in the one year limited warranty that covers any manufacturer defects. Look forward to countless evenings enjoying the flames with this well built, fun looking and affordable fireplace. Your family will appreciate every minute.

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