CharBroil Trentino Outdoor Fireplace with Removable Side Screens Review

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CharBroil Trentino Outdoor Fireplace with Removable Side Screens

CharBroil Trentino Outdoor Fireplace with Removable Side Screens

An outdoor fireplace is something everyone in your family can enjoy. Whether your tastes lean more towards the traditional or you are drawn by modern trends, having a place to gather around the warmth and light of flames is essential. The CharBroil Trentino Outdoor Fireplace with Removable Side Screens is a well designed, sturdy unit that will appeal to families with contemporary tastes. Both the design and the look are a nice blend of classic strength and minimalist style.

Features of the CharBroil Trentino Outdoor Fireplace

This model has the look many homeowners want – nothing fancy, just a solid appearance and a great view. It also has the durable construction that consumers love and an affordable price that may surprise you. Some of the other impressive features include:

  • Burns genuine firewood for a traditional flame
  • Larger sized outdoor fireplace – 29 1/4″ square x 31″ tall
  • Mesh sides allow for excellent views with the added safety of spark protection – removable as well for roasting treats and loading logs
  • Strong steel design that has been porcelain coated for optimum finish
  • Built in log rack offers more efficient burn and less mess
  • Comes with a one year warranty

Durability and Affordability Combined

The strength of steel is definitely to be counted on with this outdoor patio fireplace. Built in a simple design and coated with porcelain to make it weather and rust resistant, the Trentino fireplace is made almost entirely from steel.

Rest assured that this unit will last far beyond the one year warranty, even with frequent use. Steel is a durable, low maintenance choice that also compliments contemporary patio decor. Even more traditional and eclectic backyard living spaces will match well with the simple charm and popular styling of this fire pit.

Best of all, you can enjoy all of this durability and beauty for a low price. You’ll be hard pressed to find other comparably sized exterior fireplaces for a comparable cost. At 29 1/4” square this model is large enough for the biggest patios and built for years of enjoyment – you would expect to pay much more than the price of this Char-Broil model.

Safe and Enjoyable Design

The mesh sides and supporting legs are added for safety and higher levels of enjoyment. With the removable steel mesh panels on each of the four open sides your whole family can gather close without worrying about jumping sparks and smoldering timber. And the sturdy legs get the steel fireplace off of the patio for better clearance and flame views.

Why use an open top fireplace for roasting marshmallows? Simply take off the mesh sides and enjoy your sweet summer treat. This works well for large logs too – with the mesh screens on for safety you will need to chop the logs down to around 24″ long.

Some Assembly Required

A common complaint about outdoor products such as fireplaces and BBQs is the assembly required. Various small parts, fasteners and random pieces are often found in the box and assembly can be complicated and frustrating. Not so with the CharBroil Trentino model.

Nearly every review of this product mentions the ease of assembly, including customers who had complaints about other aspects of this product. This shows that CharBroil thought through the design, making sure the Trentino was something consumers could enjoy nearly right out of the box. The faster you get this model together (most said between 30 and 60 minutes was all it took for assembly), the faster you can bask in the flames.

Benefits of Wood Burning Exterior Fireplaces

Many homeowners may be opting for liquid propane or natural gas fueled fire pits, but there is still so much to be said for traditional wood burning exterior fireplaces. Firewood is a clean fuel to burn (when done properly) and will provide super warm temperatures and the ideal spot for campfire treats.

There is nothing like the smell and look of real wood burning flames. Keep a small supply of firewood on hand for fast ignition and long lasting enjoyment of the fire. The steel construction will hold up well and the removable screens make operation easy and flexible.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying About the Char-Broil Trentino Outdoor Fireplace

A top ranking product at (#3 in home & garden portable fireplaces category, as well as #18 in the outdoor heaters section), this product can be found in many yards across the continent. Similar to the benefits and selling features we enjoyed, other reviewers were drawn to the modern and convenient design, as well as the strength of steel construction.

Here’s a sampling of what some of them had to say:


  • “It’s the perfect size for our backyard!”
  • “… an excellent fireplace.”
  • “… it was used almost every weekend the last 3 summers…”
  • “… an attractive, safe, and very useable backyard fireplace.”
  • “… a snap to clean…”
  • ” Great buy, quality product…”
  • ” I love it. It’s the 2nd one I own…”


  • There were some reports of poor packaging on this product. The manufacturer may have looked after this issue, since newer reviews report much less damage during shipping. Some of the buyers have also recommended using a cover with this steel outdoor fireplace in order to protect it from snow and rain. This is not a necessity, but will prolong the life even more and allow for faster lighting of the fire in spring and fall.

Where to Buy the CharBroil Trentino Steel Outdoor Fireplace

Looking for even more affordability? The CharBroil Trentino Outdoor Fireplace with Removable Side Screens is available on for a discounted price. But that’s not all – this model is also available with free shipping. It will be delivered to your home hassle free and faster than you expect, all for one inclusive price. The customer service is solid as well, so in the off chance that there are issues, purchasing the unit from Amazon is a good bet. Start enjoying your yard more with this contemporary steel outdoor fireplace. The summer season will be better than ever.

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