Camp Chef Propane Outdoor Portable Campfire Pit Review – Clean and Convenient Camping

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We’ve got it down to a science. Getting ready for our annual camping trip is simply a matter of pulling out the well worn list of necessities, including bug spray, air mattress, rain coats (just in case) and all the usual camp fare. There used to be a special note at the bottom of the list reminding us to “bring firewood.” Now, instead of having to source out a local stand and trying to gauge how much we’ll need for the trip, there is another special note on the list – “bring the Camp Chef Propane Outdoor Portable Campfire Pit.” And as long as we remember that essential item we’re in for a wonderful camping trip.

What’s so special about this product, you ask? It’s only the most convenient, easy to use fire pit for camping we have ever seen – and coming from a family of die hard campers, that’s saying a lot.

Camp Chef Propane Outdoor Portable Campfire

Features of the Camp Chef Gas Fire Ring

Totally convenient and clean burning, this portable camping fire pit comes with an innovative design with these impressive features:

  • 15 inch diameter ring that is 4 inches deep for a full fire experience
  • Runs on propane fuel (tank sold separately) that’s portable and easy to fill on the road
  • High pressure burner and attractive lava rocks included
  • Carry bag for easy storage and portability
  • Boasts a nearly smokeless design that’s perfect for cook outs and long nights of fire gazing

How Easy Is This Product To Cart Around?

Weighing only 23 lbs and stuffed neatly into the included carrying bag, this gas fire ring is simple to bring along for a one day outing or a summer long trip. Pick up a portable propane tank (similar in style to what you would use for a BBQ or portable stove) and you have a campfire that goes wherever you are.

No more lugging around firewood. No more chopping and splitting and searching for kindling. This Camp Chef fire ring is so easy to move, you’ll just leave it set up in the backyard until the next trip. Within a few minutes the whole unit can be packed up and in the car – ready for your camping vacation.

How Easy Is This Product to Set Up?

The base is made of durable steel and sits on rounded metal wire legs. Find a level spot to set the unit up and arrange the lava rocks around the high-pressure burner. Once ignited (using a match or lighter), this unit will give off comfortable flames for hours – ideal for marshmallows, campfire cookouts and beautiful fires.

This product also delivers extremely safe flames that are controlled and almost smokeless. Yep, that means everyone around the campfire will be comfortable, not just those upwind and out of the smoky haze. Propane delivers even heat and eliminates dangerous sparks. Safe and well contained, this is a fire ring that’s perfect for the whole family to gather around.

How Attractive Is This Product?

Admittedly, appearance is not its strong point and the Camp Chef gas fire ring does lack a certain style. It is a simple steel ring finished in matte black with metal legs. The only decorative features are the evergreen cut outs along the sidewall, which actually keep the fire properly supplied with air for an efficient burn.

Other than those, this fire ring lacks personality. But when you’re camping, everybody knows that the great outdoors is the best looking thing around. Why worry about how beautiful your fire pit is? This unit will deliver amazing dancing flames in a cinch. It’s all about function over form when we’re out camping – and with those requirements in mind this fire ring is tops.

If you’re setting this up at home in the backyard and want something a little more permanent think about a fire surround built from bricks or stone. If the entire set up is dry fit (no mortar) you could still make use of the portability this fire ring offers.

What Are the Reviewers Saying About the Camp Chef Gas Fire Ring?

The reviews were unanimous – with 4 to 5 stars being awarded by each user. Some commented that they bought this unit for a gift, only to end up wanting their own (which is easy to remedy with the affordable price tag). Others had this to say:


  • “Awesome safe camp fire…”
  • “ in all campgrounds…”
  • “Lots of heat…”
  • “..true feeling of a campfire…”
  • “Very satisfied with this item…”
  • “..good quality..”


  • “..wish it was larger..”

Note that although small this compact unit generates a lot of heat so it should serve nicely for a larger group.

What Is the Warranty?

Camp Chef states that their stoves are covered under a one-year limited warranty. Accessories that are available from the manufacturer for use with this camping fire pit are covered with a 90 day limited warranty.

Watch this video of the “Forest Friendly” Fire Pit In Action

YouTube Preview Image

Where Is the Best Place to Buy the Camp Chef Gas Fire Ring?

Available online for incredibly cheap prices, the Camp Chef Propane Outdoor Portable Campfire pit is offered with the best discounts at Amazon.

This huge online retailer has sweetened the deal by adding free shipping and the customer service is solid should you ever have any issues. With a great price, no hassle shipping and fabulous function, there’s no reason not to pick up this portable camping fire pit and have more fun on your next summer vacation.

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