Camp Chef Del Rio Copper Gas Fire Pit Review – Convenient and Distinguished

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A gas fire pit is much like a gas BBQ – it offers quick flames that look gorgeous and do the job right. You want to create a spot of warmth and brightness on the patio, cozy enough to keep you glued to your chair long into the evening. If you can roast a few marshmallows over top so much the better. With the Camp Chef Del Rio copper gas fire pit you have an attractive set up that generates a powerful amount of heat. It’s more than enough to draw you into the yard and delivers plenty of reasons to stay out there.

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Camp Chef Del Rio Copper Gas Fire Pit

Camp Chef Del Rio Copper Gas Fire Pit

Features of the Camp Chef Del Rio Fire Pit

This camping fire pit is perfect for the patio and works well as a safe and effective campfire anywhere. Running on propane, a handy and portable fuel, this model can be brought along on summer weekends away providing a simple to set up area for star gazing. With standard features like these this fire pit is bound to be popular with anyone:


    • Wide 30” inch diameter Copper Bowl styling is inviting
    • Matchless Ignition
    • 12″ deep bowl is ample size for heat distribution
    • Circular heavy guage steel metal stand acts as a footrest, safety ring and beautiful decorative accent
    • Powered with a gas ring that boasts 55,000 BTUs for excellent coverage
    • 20 lbs of classic lava rocks included (note it burns hotter than charcoal)
    • Propane hose stretches 6 foot in length
    • 70lbs of total weight makes portability easy
    • 4 Extendible safety roasting sticks included
    • All weather patio cover
Camp Chef Extendable Safety Roasting Forks

Camp Chef Extendable Safety Roasting Forks included in package

Benefits of Propane Fuel

Wood is a classic choice for backyard bonfires and fire pits for camping. But we couldn’t resist the idea of enjoying a campfire at the flick of an igniter. No more need to chop up the firewood, gather kindling and get out the fire accelerator fluid. With the Del Rio propane model FP29LG you just need to set it up, turn every on and you will be set to enjoy the flames within moments.

Propane is also an affordable fuel that is easily sourced out. You’re likely going to be filling your propane tank (or tanks) before the camping trip any way. Simply make sure you have enough of the gas to make it through the night enjoying the flames. Many organized campgrounds have propane filling tanks right on site, making it even smarter and easier to use this beautiful fire pit for camping.

Burning gas as opposed to wood also makes this propane fire pit ideal for covered porches or screened in sunrooms. Although it’s not recommended for interior use (due to venting issues), using propane produces much less smoke and fewer dangerous sparks meaning it can be used in more enclosed conditions.

Beautiful Copper Shines

The combination of copper and black painted steel is truly beautiful. Picture the flames dancing around this thin lipped copper bowl, reflecting all of the breathtaking colors. And the lava rocks offer a lovely contrast of textures against the smooth copper. Everything about this fire pit is truly stunning.

The copper fire bowl is easy to clean and any stains or soot are easily wiped off. It’s also resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal material for outdoor use. The lava rocks are durable and don’t need cleaning at all, while the black stand is strong and simple to wipe down if necessary.

Grilling Options

This campfire fire pit runs on the same fuel as your patio BBQ and can just as easily cook up a hot dog, hamburger or any other camp-style meal. It’s too bad that Camp Chef didn’t think to include a grilling grate in the package somewhere, although preparing food over the open flames works fine for those with a practiced hand.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying About the Camp Chef Del Rio FP29LG

Grilling enthusiasts, fans of camping and those who just want a simple fire pit for the backyard are thrilled with the Del Rio propane fire pit. This model gets consistently good ratings again and again, with comments like these:


  • “…puts out alot of heat…”
  • “…sits low enough to the ground that you get to feel the heat coming off it…”
  • “…lovely decorative accent…”
  • “…very well built product, heavy duty construction and quality material…”
  • “…positive responses from our neighbouring campers…”
  • “…flames are great…”
  • “…people tend to sit around it for hours…”
  • “…Overall, it rocks! A lot of design thought undoubtedly went into this fire pit. The physical size and fire level is perfect for a decent sized patio, campsite, etc., it looks awesome, and the lava rocks stay warm for a long time after turning it of….”

Purchasers commented that this fire pit was incredibly simple to set up and performed past their expectations. Those who have tried grilling were more than happy with it and most users had no other complaints.


There were a few reviewers that noted a loud sound, like a hiss or a buzz, during operation. The number of consumers that reported this problem was minimal and plenty of others had no problems with noise levels. The hissing sound comes from the regulator and should dissipate with use. Still other reviewers noted that more lava rocks would have been nice, if only to create a fuller look for the copper bowl. The complaints were few and far between and the Del Rio camping fire pit still received rave reviews more than 9 times out of 10. Check out why this fire pit is a top seller!

Warranty Information

There is a 90 day limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

Where to Buy the Camp Chef Del Rio Propane Fire Pit

At quality online retailers like Amazon you can take advantage of great discounts and free shipping, making this model even more affordable and attractive. Customer service is genuine and fast at Amazon, where you can pick this camping fire pit out of their vast selection and have it delivered right to your door. Look forward to time at the campground, on the beach and in the backyard with the Camp Chef Del Rio copper gas fire pit.

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