Camco 58031 RV Olympian Propane Campfire Review – Perfect for the RV

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Traveling across the continent (or across the county) in an RV has become the vacation method of choice for many. But what do you do when the site bans campfires and your family has been looking forward to a marshmallow roast? The Camco 58031 RV Olympian Propane campfire pit is a perfect solution that’s also ultra easy to cart along with you. Your vacations won’t be the same without this propane-fueled fireplace.

Camco 58031 RV Olympian Propane Campfire

Features of the Camco RV Olympian Campfire

It may be small, but this portable camping fire pit packs the power you need to chase away the evening chills and roast a quick camp snack. It also has a collection of features that make your trip even easier and the operation simpler. Things like:

  • Diameter of 11.25” for a tidy little fire in any campsite
  • Full 8 feet of propane hose for use with a standard LP tank
  • Realistic log set included
  • Sturdy and convenient lid that attaches for simple portability and safety
  • Handle folds down flat on top of can
  • Approved at RV campgrounds across North America
  • Powerful 65,000 BTUs of power
  • Campfire cooktop cooking platform with folding legs for pots and pans that comes with storage bag (sold separately)

Ask for the Little Red Campfire Fire Pit

Camco has been manufacturing this small fire pit unit for a long time and its popularity has soared with campers and homeowners from all walks of life. Nicknamed the Little Red, this portable  fire pit for camping is everything your family needs for a warm evening together.

Simply attach the unit to an LP tank that you’ve brought along for this purpose or are using to fuel the portable grill, fridge or any other camping appliance. Then turn the Little Red on and get ready to enjoy the no-mess, no-hassle flames. No more smoky clothing and dirty ashes to clean up. The gas-fired flames are all warmth and no fuss.

But they will still provide the heat you need to keep comfortable and cook up those essential camp snacks. Hot dogs may take a bit longer and foil-pocket dinners should be started early, but marshmallows are a cinch and the flames will give you plenty to gaze at all night long. Whether ghost stories or romance is ready to happen around the campfire, the Camco model is set to deliver.

Portability Made Better

Camco manufacturers all sorts of items for RVs and trailers, from replacement parts to appliances and the like. And they’ve used that industry knowledge to design a fire pit that delivers maximum portability and convenience.

When we were packing to leave on a trip, all it took was to simply attach the heavy duty red lid that covers the entire unit and nestle it into our gear. At the campground you can feel free to unpack leisurely – the Camco campfire takes only a few minutes to unpack, level up and attach to the propane tank. With that small amount of work you’re ready to enjoy the restful campfire and get down to the business of vacationing.

Genuine Look and Warmth

Camco offers a log set that has the character and look of real wood. Just a word of warning here, some reviewers have complained about breakage during the shipping process. Be sure to treat them with a little care, but the logs do look half decent. Short and stacked just like a genuine campfire, this set up is perfect for campers of any age.

The warmth is completely real with this campfire set up. You can enjoy up to 65,000 BTUs of power, much more than gas fireplaces found in your home and plenty warm enough for even crisp fall evenings up north.

What the Reviewers Are Saying About the Camco RV Olympian Campfire

A majority of the reviews we found gave this small fire pit unit top marks. Here is just a sampling of the comments we ran across on the Little Red campfire from Camco:


  • “…fun addition to our RV.”
  • “…put(s) out ample heat.”
  • “Just the right size for storage in the fifth wheel…”
  • “…very sturdy piece of work.”
  • “It’s small, but is very convenient and… stores nice!”
  • “Works great!”


  • A few complained about the lack of sufficient heat and a few others noted the fragility of the logs – so take care with the latter. Although we found it plenty warm enough based on the BTUs, you may need to give this campfire some shelter in a forceful wind to be able to fully appreciate the warmth.
  • Not CSA certified
  • Use only on non-combustible surfaces typical of most camping fire pits
  • None  other than above but you may have to buy an adapter for the larger propane tanks.

Where to Buy the RV Olympian Propane Campfire by Camco

This little unit is available at plenty of camping supply stores, but only Amazon will offer you free shipping and a super discount. Well below the advertised cost of the competitors, the Little Red Camco 58031 RV Olympian propane campfire is a great deal at Amazon. Plan for the best RV trips possible this year and don’t forget to take along the Little Red for convenient campfire fun anywhere.

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Little Red Campfire in action in the following video:

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