California Outdoor Concepts Del Mar Fire Pit Table with Cooler Insert Review

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California Outdoor Concepts Del Mar Fire Pit Table with Cooler Insert

California Outdoor Concepts Del Mar Fire Pit Table with Cooler Insert

Every family spends a good amount of time in their backyard enjoying the fresh air, sunshine and time together playing and relaxing. That’s why more and more families are investing in their outdoor living space, building expansive patios and setting up comfortable furniture with all of the accessories needed for a great time together. The California Outdoor Concepts Del Mar Fire Pit Table with Cooler Insert is not your average patio fire pit and will add a whole new level of enjoyment to your backyard.

Features of the Del Mar Fire Pit Table

Whether you enjoy entertaining or just want to spend time with your family outdoors, this fire pit table offers an excellent centerpiece on your patio. And to add value to your purchase, this unit will deliver much more than just an outdoor fire pit. The impressive construction, innovative design and impeccable features combine to offer a luxury fire pit that will transform your backyard. Check out these features:

  • 51” diameter solid granite table – 1 1/4” thick
  • cast resin and aluminum column base
  • available in dining table height (standard), chat height and bar height
  • stainless steel BBQ and cooler insert available
  • granite insert with umbrella hole transforms the unit into a full patio table
  • 36 different color combinations – 4 different base colors and 3 different granite colors
  • may be fuelled by propane (comes ready to light) or natural gas (conversion kit included)
  • your choice of Arctic Flame glass burner for a contemporary look or Glo Fire gas logs for something more traditional

The Options Are Seemingly Endless

Del Mar Fire Pit Table Components

Del Mar Fire Pit Dining Table Options

One of the most attractive features of this outdoor fire pit table is the ability to customize it. You can choose your favorite base color (from 4 different options: adobe, chocolate brown, sage and black) and pair it with your preferred granite color (from 3 different options). From that point you can use either the Arctic Fire colored glass burner kit to display a sleek modern look or choose the Glo Fire ceramic gas log insert for a stylish and traditional display.

You also have tons of choice while you are operating the unit. Set up the cooler insert on those hot summer days or keep the burner in for warm flames in the twilight hours. There’s also a stainless steel BBQ grill that will draw a crowd every time. Sitting comfortably around the grill with your friends is what will make this summer amazing and the Del Mar Patio Fire Pit Table is the best way to capture those moments.

Granite Color Options for Del Mar Fire Pit

Del Mar Fire Pit Granite Selections

Durable Finish In a Gorgeous Package

The use of cast resin, aluminum and stainless steel makes this fire pit table extremely durable. All of those materials are corrosion resistant and top of the line for outdoor living accessories. You won’t need to repaint this model even after seasons of use and it will pair beautifully with aluminum patio furniture finished in a complimentary color.

The manufacturer does recommend a vinyl fire pit cover (make sure you buy one large enough to fit over the entire unit), if only to prolong the natural gas burner and make operation easier and quicker. Fading and wear from excessive direct sunlight will also be reduced with the use of a vinyl patio fire pit cover.

Heavy Duty and a Permanent Fixture

This fire pit table comes in at 365lbs, a heavy weight that makes moving the unit around a difficult task. Be sure you know exactly where you want to set it up and remember that the full propane tank stored in the base will increase the overall weight even more.

Assembly Instructions and Tips

Set up of this table is straightforward although the weight of the granite means you’ll need more than one person for the job. The base will need to be unwrapped and placed on level ground. Using patio stones on top of a gravel base or setting up the unit on your stone or wooden deck is a good idea.

The next step is to carefully unwrap the granite tabletop (which is the heaviest piece in the package) and finding the adaptor ring. Place the adaptor ring in the center of the base (you’ll like need a screwdriver and/or wrench to fasten this piece in) and then place the granite gently on the base as well (centered). Be careful handling these pieces, although once they are secure you will have nothing to worry about.

Next you will be removing the black trim ring from the granite tabletop. This part needs to be removed when using the accessories, as well as the media. The stainless steel burner can now be unpacked and inspected, before being hooked up to preferred fuel and set up on the table.

From that point you only need to follow the lighting instructions and enjoy your new fire pit table.

Warranty Information

California Outdoor Concepts offers a generous one-year limited warranty on parts and accessories of the Del Mar fire pit table, with the exclusion of the natural stone granite tabletop. That particular piece of this unit has a 90-day warranty. Both of these coverage periods extend from the date of purchase.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying About California Outdoor Concepts

Consumers are raving about the luxury and high end products designed and built by California Outdoor Concepts. Here’s a sampling of what some are saying about this company’s product line:

  • “Great functional ambiance…”
  • “…we’ve been enjoying it ever since we put it together.”
  • “I am very happy with the fire pit.”
  • “…works beautifully and easily.”

Where To Buy the California Outdoor Concepts Del Mar Fire Pit Table

Although not the least expensive fire pit table on the market, this model offers much more than the other models. Boasting an impressive design with flexibility and countless customizable options, the California Outdoor Concepts Del Mar Fire Pit Table with Cooler Insert is an investment in the enjoyment potential of your yard – it is patio luxury at its best . Plan to spend many more nights together outside when you own this fire pit table and look forward to hours and hours of fun. Purchase it as web retailers like Wayfair and you’ll be thrilled with the additional discount and fast shipping you receive. Don’t wait – get one on your patio today.

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